Animal Overhaul

To prevent grapeshot bugs in the future and to be able to balance correctly, we have decided to Child & Overwrite all existing tameable animals…


Radioactive variants have “R-” in their name so e.g. R-Bear.
However, old animals have been automatically replaced by R-variants!


Radioactive variants do not differ from their vanilla variants, with a few exceptions. Attacks, tamemechanics, etc. remain the same.


Radioactive variants are not everywhere breedable, only in the biomes where they mainly occur can be used for breeding


Balanced version of the Yeti, it “loses” some HP (1500) and 70% of its Melee Damage value when tamed.

Don’t let these stats scare you for the time being, this makes the Yeti comparable to a bear in terms of damage!

Here are his base stats:
Health: 500
Stamina: 300
Weight: 220
Food: 1500
Oxygen: 150
Melee Damage: 30%


The crab has a gender from now on and can be bred, it is only breedable in “Desert” and lays eggs.

Its breeding is time-consuming, it can neither mutate nor is it affected by the mutation ritual.


The Leatherwing can now be tamed, too. There are some special features for it, it cannot mutate and is not affected by the mutation ritual.
His Stamina can not be leveled!

It is tamed by killing your tames, i.e. it must make the last blow on a tame, depending on the level & base XP of the tame, this is varyingly effective.

Important: The animal may neither be mounted nor be on passive, so it is important that it comes as weak as possible in reach of the Leatherwing to not kill it by accident.