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interactive Resourcemap

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Navy vs Pirates

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Custom Animals

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Radioactive Atlas Mod

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Magic & Alchemy

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Ritual Cycle

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exclusive Skins

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monthly farming event

Every 4 weeks from Friday 00:00 o’clock to Sunday 24:00 o’clock the farm rate is doubled! Means x2 on PVE and x4 on PVP.

Next events:
25.09., 23.10., 20.11., 18.12., 15.01.,12.02.

Sink the Admins

Please follow the announcements in the Discord!

Support the server with donations or votes and receive RadioactiveCoins!

How can i donate?What can I get for Radio Coins?
What is this and what do I use it for?
We would like to thank you if you want to help us with the financing of the server!
For your donation you will receive 100 coins per Euro, and 5 coins per vote. You can exchange them for self-made skins at the freeports.
We hope to provide a fair system for all players and not create a pay-to-win mentality.
Donate now!Vote here!

All donations are collected on a separate account and are exclusively for the benefit of the server. You help us to pay a part of the server rent and to enlarge and improve the server! We hope to make you happy with the Coins or the Skins and to be able to offer you a great server!

You can find more information about the voting system and the rewards in our Discord!

Discord & TS

Make sure you register with us in the Discord and become part of our community, then you will receive all important news and updates.
You can also actively participate in giveaways
Stay in contact with other players via Discord or TS or find new members for your company.

Need some support?

We have a ticket system in our Discord!
If you have a problem and need the help of an admin, please visit our Discord!

Join our Discord!

Get going now!

To play on Radioactive, just enter “Radioactive” in the server search!
The direct join via IP unfortunately only works partially.

A few special features…

Own Mod

We are constantly working on own extensions and additional content for the server. The RadioactiveAtlas Mod gives you access to over 1000 decorative items, a ritual system for breeding, unique building structures and exclusive animals. Jump ashore and on the high seas in the fight against navy or pirates. Use the reputation system to increase your chances for a better loot. The Steamship will help you carry your rich booty home.


You can reach certain ranks through certain activities (kill animals/players, be killed, play time). Some are just nice to look at, some give you a rank before your name, and some even give you a small gift to your inventory.

You can use the following chat commands:
/achievements = show your achievements
/mystats = shows your personal game statistics
/stats = shows the top 10 players

Daily tasks

Similar to the Achievements, there are activities that you can repeat daily.
There is a small reward for all these tasks!

Commands for the daily missions:


On our map you will find 30 PVE regions and 6 PVP regions (A6, B6, C6, D6, E6, F6).

We have freeports in B3, C1, and E4.

Animal & Structural Decay: deactivated
If you are absent for more than 7 days, you should inform us in Discord via a ticket. If you dont do that, your structures may be removed after 14 days of inactivity.

Rates PVE

– XP x 3
– Harvest: standard
– Taming x 4
– Breeding x 5
– Treasuremap Loot x1

Rates PVP

– XP x 3
– Harvest: x2
– Taming x 5
– Breeding x 5
– Treasuremap Loot x2


Max Player Level: 121
Max Animal Level: standard
unlimited re-skilling
Fog of War is on (card is not explored from the start)


Solo players have at least 40 Claim Points, enough for a normal sized Island.
Maximum number of Claim Points: 200, is reached from 10 players in the Company.

PvP Only

The RAID time in PvP is 4 hours, when this is, you can determine yourself!
The RAID time can be changed every 7 days and will be shown on the map!
The wartime through the 100k Gold Item lasts 12 hours and must be at least 48 hours in advance (start is adjustable).


starts after 45 minutes and lasts max. 7 days
Structures receive only 20% of incoming damage during this time in case of an attack,
passive animals receive 30% if their inventory is empty (only saddle equipped)
non-passive animals or passive animals with full inventory receive full damage
Defense facilities in Base do 300% damage and have infinite ammo (experimental).
You have to define the zone where the ORP should be active.
One ORP zone can be set per PVP region.

ORP Commands

/setorp – Set an ORP protection at your current position within 50 foundations. Only animals and structures from your company are ORP protected within this radius
/removeorp – Delete the ORP point to set a new one
/listorp – Lists all ORP points that have been set.
/orp – Informs you whether or not you are in your ORP zone. If you are in a foreign ORP zone, the system checks whether ORP is active or not.


Every player on our server must behave in such a way that we can maintain a fair, regulated and full server. This rule may override all other rules.

General rules

Harassment of other players is prohibited. This includes insults, sexist, radical and national socialist statements.

Names of Characters, Animals, Isles and Ships may not contain insults, sexist, radical or national socialist expressions.

Chat language: German & English

Every player must be in a company, even if he is a single player!

Please make sure that your flags and sails are painted in a youth-free and non-violent manner. Insults, sexist, radical and national socialist paintings are also forbidden!

It is prohibited to buy or sell items, ships or animals for real money. This leads directly to the ban!

Event island in C3: Building is strictly prohibited there! If we find structures there, everything will be removed by the company without asking.

Animals may not be taken into the Snow Cave with the help of the Magic Flask, whoever is caught doing so will be banned!

Please note that only 4 giant trees are allowed per company!

Selling & Gifting of animals & ships

It is not permitted to gift animals and ships through public channels.

This includes the Ingame Global Chat and our Discord Server. It is also forbidden to leave unclaimed animals and ships on the server for someone else to find and take over. With repeated offence we reserve the right to make use of our warning system.

If you think you have to give away animals and ships, you can do this over private channels (Local Chat, Discord PN), we will not influence this.
But we ask you to do this with care and not to give away masses of animals and ships. It is important not to flood the market with free animals/ships and thus destroy the trade.

It is also forbidden to offer animals or ships for e.g. 1 wood to bypass this rule. Animals and ships must be offered at a reasonable price.

It is not allowed to offer breeding lines via public channels or in C3 via Magic Flask.
If you want to exchange values with another breeder, you can of course still do this via PN.

Please keep in mind, especially with highly bred animals, that while you want to do the players a favor at that moment, you are also taking away a lot of the gaming experience, since taming and breeding is an essential part of the game.

PVE Zones

maximum claims per company:
A maximum of one island may be claimed. An additional 4 outposts are allowed.
An outpost must be recognizable as such and adapted to the island size. Foundations with beds, boxes, workbenches etc. are not allowed, these will be removed without comment. Please remember that we will issue a warning in case of repetition.

All types of structures outside the base or outpost (whether in the claim or not, such as campfires, cupboards, foundations, traps) must be removed after use. Furthermore, no spawns may be added or blocked. We have set up a channel in the Discord where such structures can be posted if you find something.

Freeport Islands are not meant to built on permanently and are no parking spots for your ships!
Structures may be built at short notice (respawn point, boxes to store resources etc., please no shipyards: build a raft or a ramshackle sloop and find a nice spot)
All built structures must be demolished after leaving the freeport!

Animals that are being tamed by someone else may not be killed in the PVE Zone.

On Powerstone Islands an outpost is allowed, but no spawns may be blocked.

You should also behave accordingly in the PVE area. This means: do not sink other people’s ships, deliberately tie down players, plunder corpses, etc. This is what the PVP zones are for!

Since you can’t change the settings, we ask you to keep a proper distance to your neighbors. Should anyone feel disturbed by building too close, we reserve the right to intervene.

Animals are not allowed to be used aggressively in the wilderness to farm certain resources! If we find any, they will be removed without comment. Excluded are animals that were whistled close to the base at an anchor animal and serve for defense.
Please also refrain from unclaiming animals when you no longer need them, that’s what the ritual circle is for!

Please always try to talk to each other before you report a rule violation.

PVP Zones

In addition to the claim of a PvE island, each company is allowed to claim up to 2 islands in PvP!

We want decent, fair PVP on our server. Please refrain from troll actions as they exist on the Offi!
Always keep in mind that the game fun for everyone is and will remain the main focus.

Building within ruins / NPC structures, so that the built structures do not take any damage, is not allowed! At the 1st violation we will give a hint, at the 2nd violation we will remove all player structures in the corresponding grid, at the 3rd violation we will ban them.

Beds may not be placed on stone structures, except in your own base or in your outer base/attack base. If you only want to place a bed on a foundation on a foreign island, please do so on wood or straw structures.

The time to demolish structures etc. from other players on your own island is 24 hours.

Maximum claims per company:
You may claim 2 islands (but only one of them in the PVE). This means either 2 PVP islands or one PVP island + one PVE island.

In the PVP Zones (A6-F6) there are only a few rules! Anyone who goes there must expect to be attacked and lose everything they have with them.

Players must not be held captive and kept alive for too long. This is allowed during a raid, even if it is extended over a longer period of time.

Tracking of Players via Battlemetrics Premium or similar services is prohibited. If you are in suspicion of someone please collect evidence before opening a ticket.

Note regarding administrative activities

The instructions of the Admins must be followed.

In case of rule violations we reserve the right to act accordingly and to add new rules if necessary.

In addition, a warning or a ban can be issued.

Regulation on C3

All animals that are on C3 for more than five days will be removed from the game without comment.
This includes animals that are no longer on paid platforms.

Building and farming is strictly prohibited there! If we find structures there, everything will be removed by the company on this grid without asking.

In case of recurrence we reserve the right to make use of our warning system.

Regulation on B2

It is forbidden to park ships on B2 as permanent spawn points for the fountain of youth.
Please use a visit to C3 for “rejuvenating”, the way to the Fountain of Youth is signposted starting from the tavern!

Building on the Powerstone Islands has been made impossible by the use of technical means.
However, you will find traps on the respective islands, which can be used by all players.

Of course you are still allowed to park ships on B2 for a short period of time to get it done the Powerstones, but be aware that we regularly check B2 for ships that are parked for a long time – and will remove them without comment if necessary.