Black Dragon

Rumor has it there is a new kind of dragon, like a black shadow it burns animals, people and even sinks ships!
It is much stronger than the normal variant and spawns extremely rarely on one of the PowerStone islands, where normal dragons are also found.
It cannot be tamed and drops a black dragon scale.

Quest: Black Dragon Killer
Unlock Magic Flask.


It is said that whoever sees the horn of the narwhal in the polar regions, his/her last hour has struck!

Almost immune to cannonballs and very fast, a true monster that puts all other whales in the shade.

Quest: “Narwale Killer
Completion unlocks the Mythical Spyglass, which allows you to see the stats of wild & owned animals! A must-have for every tamer/breeder!!!

The black mist

Do you know the old legend of the black fog that covers the sea

Dark and threatening it lays over the water, it is said to hide great treasures, but no ship that dared to enter it ever returned..

The most powerful warships and the best crews were lost, the wet death overtook them all.

Abominable Kraken

The death cries of his children have awakened him, long he has slumbered, but now he emerges. Will you face him?

This Kraken is a monster among monsters!
„Challenge Mode“ of the Kraken.

This Kraken can be summoned like the Hard Kraken, but requires a Feather of the Angles which can be aquired from the Black Mist.

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Luminous Whale

This whale gives off an ominous light. Luminous Substance can be obtained from its corpse.

They only appear underwater, which is why hunting them is difficult.

These whales are very strong and fast, you should definitely try to hunt these whales from a distance.