The buccaneers replace the SOTDs.

They are mainly aimed at beginners and tribes that are not so far advanced in the game.

Buccaneers appear as Sloops & Schooners.

Galleons rarely appear and can give the success of the 50s SOTD Galli.


They are clearly recognizable by their red sails with the buccaneer logo (anchor).


Buccaneers have no standing system, they always attack you.
They do not participate in the battles between Navy & Pirates.


They sink about twice as fast (except for the Galleon) as normal Pirate & Navy ships.
Just like other ships, they only lose life (HP bar) when water flows into the ship.


Buccaneers can drop blueprints as well as finished parts.
Unlike the Pirates & Navy, their loot box floats on the surface
Their Loot is not as good as Pirates / Navy due to the Lack of Standing-Bonus!


As with Pirates & Navy, the buccaneer wreck can be harvested, but gives less resources than them.
If the loot box is plundered, the wreck will disappear!


Like all NPC ships, Buccaneers drop recruitable crew, but they can’t reach the levels they can in Pirates & Navy.
The level is random as always.