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Trading post

In the middle of the grid on the admin island in C3 you can find our trading post!

Have a look and be amazed!

The trading post in C3 has a lot to offer and is a popular meeting place for business!
Since it is located directly next to the showroom, a visit offers the opportunity to have a look at all the mod objects at your leisure…

The Tavern

On the 1st floor of the tavern you can rent a bed, for this you only have to go to a free bed and rent it with “E”.

The costs here are 1 gold every 3 hours

The bed can be used as a respawn point, but it is not possible to use the Fast Travel function with the bed

The bed has a built-in inventory of 100 slots where you can store your belongings!

The bed automatically takes gold from the inventory.

Please note the limit of max 1 bed / company!

Animal trading platforms

For the low price of only 250 doubloons you can rent an animal sales platform in C3, which will be automatically returned to Radioactive Atlas after the rental period of 7 days.

This platform can be used to sell animals!

Every animal sold is automatically neutered.

The price and the resource can be freely chosen by the renter and is not regulated.

Please note the limit of max 2 platforms / company!


In the trading street you can rent shops where you can sell items as you are used to from the normal player shops!

The cost here is 50 gold every 12 hours, no matter how much is in the shop.

Similar to the normal PlayerShop, you will be notified when the shop can no longer be maintained, but it will not be destroyed, but will be returned to RadioactiveAtlas and is ready for the next “tenant”.

Please note the limit of max 1 shop / company!

Fountain of Youth

From the tavern signposted, you will reach the Fountain of Youth, no deathrun is required on the Powerstone Islands!

Mod Showcase

You want to have a look at what the Radioactive Mod has to offer?
From ships, skins, animals, structures, plantable trees to deco you can find almost everything to look at on C3!

Fishing Minigame

To participate in the minigame you need a special fishing rod, which you can buy for RadioCoins, Gold or Votepoints!
Around the lake you will find 4 jetties where you can fish!
But that’s not all! As soon as you have enough Fishing Coins, you can also buy a small Fishing Boat! With it you are also able to fish inside the lake!

Ranking List:
The leaderboard gives an overview of the biggest catch (which is also posted in the global chat) and the highest score.
Every month it is reset and the top 3 are honored with small prizes.
You can find the leaderboard in our Atlas UI!

Trading-Plattform FAQ

How do I rent a trading platform?

Empty platforms have “Free for Rent” in green letters floating in the air, you can rent them by looking at them and pressing “E”.

How do I select an animal?

Place the animal on the platform in the middle, no other animal is allowed on the platform, then open the inventory and click the button in the middle.

How do I set my price?

If you have “set” a pet, put your desired resource into the inventory of the trading platform, then click on the button “Select x as Payment”.
X will be the name of your resource.

After that you can adjust the amount in steps of 500, a click on the middle button confirms the whole and starts the sale.

Advantages over normal trade?

The buyer sees the stats and the appearance of the animal, as well as its sex. He can also make the purchase without the seller having to be online.

The seller makes sure that his animals will be spayed if the sale is successful and only has to collect his payment before the rent of the trading platform expires.

How do I buy an animal?

Go to an active platform, all relevant information is displayed in the floating text. To buy it, go to the platform, look down and press E.

If you do not have enough of the desired payment method with you, you will be shown the missing amount.

Please note when setting the resource price:

If you choose a basic resource (e.g.: Wood) the buyer can choose any kind of wood (Strongwood, Ironwood, Wood) as payment but you will only get the basic resource (e.g.: Wood)!

If you choose a resource type (e.g.: cotton) only this resource type will work.

To set the resource as payment, you must have at least one unit of the resource with you and place it in the platform inventory.

The Tavern

The tavern has a few more things to offer.


On the ground floor of the tavern you will find our two hosts: Shooty Mc Kraken and Ale Mc Guinness who sell you beer, rum and bread!

Mysterious trader

Also on the ground floor is the Mysterious Man, who sells wands, only with these wands and some alchemy, you will be able to cast spells…


Also on the first floor of the tavern you will find the Old Story Teller. It is worth a visit, because it has a lot to tell about additional content of the mod.