Hybrid Mutations

Mutation research

Mutations for hybrids are an expensive and very time-consuming matter. However, they are very worthwhile. You can run around with some hybrids on aberration without fear that they will die by one punch, you get hybrids with new abilities or enhanced stats and also every mutation brings a change to the looks of the hybrid. But how do I achieve that I can cause these special mutations in a hybrid? There are some devices available for this purpose that are indispensable in this process. To produce them, you have to produce some new resources in the Advanced Chemistry Bench and the High Tech Fabricator. You will also need to somehow lay your hands on the rare Anti-Element, which is only available through the Omega Bossfights.


In the Advanced Chemistry Bench elastomer and steel can be produced. These resources are required for various devices, such as the Fusion Generator or the High Voltage Cable.

Electronic Chips

The Advanced- and Quantum Electronic-Chips are manufactured in the High Tech Fabricator and are essential for the production of all devices for mutation research.


The Harrdrive is the heart of the entire mutation research. It stores all researched mutations for each hybrid and the mutation chance of the hybrids. To get this data it has to be installed in the Research Station. Once the mutation chance and a mutation has been researched, the hard drive can be placed in the Genetic Workbench. When you are lucky your next hybrid has the researched mutation.

Research Equipment

To be able to start research at all, you need some equipment.
1) The Fusion Generator produces the electricity for the Research Station and converts Hydrogen Cores into Helium Cores.
2) The special High Voltage cables, which are also made in the High Tech Fabricator, supply the power to the Research Station which can only be attached to these cables.
3) The Research Station itself must be equipped with a hard drive to start research on the individual hybrids and the chance of mutation.

Research Station

As already mentioned, the main part of the mutation research is done in the Research Station. You can choose between 2 researches: 1. the mutation chance of hybrids 2. different mutations for hybrids.


To choose between the mentioned options you have to select the lower button (Open Research UI). A new UI will appear with 2 more buttons to choose from.


If you want to increase the chance of mutation you have to press this button. The previous UI closes and you are back in the inventory of the station. There it is written how high the current chance of mutation is and how much anti-element is needed to increase it by 1%. The initial price is 4 anti-element. However, after each percent it will become more expensive by 2 anti-element. From 6% on, a little surprise is added. You can increase the chance of mutation up to 25%. Ergo then each hybrid which is to be mutated with this hard drive has a 25% chance to mutate.

Hybrid Mutations

If you want to investigate single mutations for hybrids you have to press this button. This opens a new UI. There you can select a hybrid for which you want to research a mutation. Then you have to select one of the shown DNA strands which represents a mutation for this hybrid. Which mutation this is becomes clear only after you have explored it once. The names of the mutations are the same for every hybrid, but not every mutation is immediately obvious by its name. To start a research for a mutation, you need two DNAs of the hybrid for which the research should be done. These are listed in the inventory of the Research Station. When this is done, you need random DNAs from other animals to research the mutation to 100%.

So how do I get my first mutant hybrid?

That is actually quite simple. If you research a mutation to 100% and the chance of mutation is at least 1%, you can put the harddrive into the Genetic Workbench. It is important that this harddrive is built into the Genetic Workbench for every DNA required for the hybrid.


Let’s assume you want to create a hybrid that requires 2 DNAs and you have researched a mutation for this hybrid to 100%. The chance of mutation is now 10% in this example. Now you just have to take the hard drive out of the Research Station and put it into the Genetic Workbench as shown in the picture above.


As you can see, the last sentence of the DNA needed for the hybrid, in this case Carno DNA, already says: The Mutationchance of this DNA is: 10.0%.


Once all the DNAs have been combined, there is of course a chance of mutation in the finished hybrid DNA. Ergo when the hybrid hatches it is mutated with a probability of 10%. If several mutations for the same hybrid are researched on the harddrive, a mutation is randomly selected if the hybrid receives a mutation.

Finished Hybrid

With a 10 percent probability and a little luck a mutated Carnoraptor hatches as seen above. This one in the Aberrant variant.