Item Quality

One step further than Mythical…

Each of you knows the quality system with its quality levels:

With us, the journey goes one step further!
Unique !


To craft Unique Blueprints you will need:
– 7 types of each resource, e.g. 7 types of wood.
– Mythos
– Gold
– Luminous Substance

Luminous Substance

This rare resource can be harvested from corpses of the Glowing Whale, which is located in the depths of the Trenches!

Be careful with it!
This whale is fast and very strong, the amount of Luminous Substance is influenced by the harvesting amount (e.g. by event)!


As with Mythical, the additional resources (Mythos, Gold, Luminous Substance are not needed for repair).

Where can I find blueprints

Like mythical, you can get these blueprints when looting wrecks, treasure maps, haunted chests, etc.!
Of course they are rarer / require a higher quality / difficulty level!