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Alchemical Furnace

Can be used to produce new types of metals.
These are used to make spells and later on for better tools and weapons

Has engrams, the necessary recipes and conditions can be found as loot. (You have to find out the temperature yourself)

If you are close (ingredients are right, but the amount not) you will get a worthless shimmering lump, otherwise you will get a worthless lump.

It will be fired with alchemical coal.

Learnable via the Magic, Alchemy & Rituals tree

Alchemical Workbench

Can produce Alchemical Coal and more.

Learn the Alchemy Skill under the tree: “Medicine”


Each player has mana, which you can find on the right side, right next to your Viamin & XP bar.

The size of your mana pool depends on how high your intelligence is. Also shoulder animals like crows have an influence.

The amount regenerated also depends on your intelligence.

Depending on the spell, a different amount of mana is needed, if you cancel or miss the minigame, the spell will cost additional mana.
If you overload your mana pool, it will not regenerate for the next 5 minutes.


With the help of spells you will be able to use magic, but at what price?!?

Spells must be learned in advance under Magic, Alchemy & Rituals, are placed in the action bar (F1-F10).

To activate spells you need a staff, these are available from the “mysterious man” in the tavern in C3.

During the use of the spell a minigame appears, if you win this, the ability is loaded your staff, left click fires this, if you fail the minigame the spell is completed, but costs significantly more mana!

Depending on the spell, a certain amount of intelligence is needed to use it.

Higher intelligence (up to 60 points above “target”) makes the minigame easier.

Magic is divided into levels, higher levels have longer mini-games (1x per level)

There is also a “Channeling Magic”, where the mini-game continues after the spell is completed, The spell is kept up as long as you win the mini-game.

Pay attention to logical interactions when combining abilities! Water turns off fire etc.