RadioactiveArk Mod English

Omega Bosses

You get bored with the Vanilla bosses? Then fight these new bosses with special abilities to get the expensive and rare anti-element. Only with this one you can expand your research on hybrids.



Miniature Converter

Here you can make the mini variants of Grinder, Forge and Replicator from the large Vanilla variants. Simply choose in the Miniature Converter between large and small variants. The perfect solution for all who need more space in their base. Can be made at Lvl 75.

Saddle Manufacturing Bench

There’s now a way to make your Flying Dinos faster! You can make Speed Saddles that give your Flying Dinos 25% or 50% more movement speed. You can learn the workbench at Lvl 80, this is also where all the saddles for the hybrids are made.

Advanced Chemistry Bench

The Chemistry Bench is a very special workbench that you need to produce certain chemicals and to create new improved items and substances. It is also an important component in the production of hybrids. You can learn it at level 80.

High Tech Fabricator

In this fabricator you have the possibility to produce all special devices and cables needed for mutation research. You can also create special weapons and armor. Manufactureable at level 100.

Mutation research

Genetic Workbench

In this workbench, you have the opportunity to extract DNA from dinosaurs and thus create very special new dinosaurs. Can be made at level 100.

Fusion Generator

This generator is needed to run the Research Station. Runs on an exceptional fuel and converts it into another useful resource. But be careful if you stand too close without the right protective clothing you might get your fingers burnt. Manufactureable in the High Tech Fabricator.

Research Station

In this station you can research your mutations for hybrids and increase the chance of mutations with a special antielement. Manufactureable in the High Tech Fabricator.

Mutation research

Mutation research has already been mentioned several times. But what exactly does it do and how does it work? If you want to know a little bit more and get a little bit of spoiler then you are in the right place.

Off to research

Special potions & items

Reaper Luring Pheromone

Das Reaper Luring Pheromone is a substance produced in the Advanced Chemistry Bench and is designed to attract Reaper Queens from the underground.

But be careful: as soon as you ingest this potion, you are close to death and a wild Reaper Queen appears in your immediate vicinity. However, you cannot use the potion when you are sitting on an animal. So you should not take it at home in your or any other base.

Wyvern / Griffin Speed Stone

A magic stone that gives your Wyvern a 50% speed bonus for as long as it wears it. Just put it in the costume slot and off you go. You can also continue to use the skins that we created and that you bought in the adminshop. You can now switch between a normal variant and a variant especially for the wyvern stones. You have to use the skin in your inventory with E. You can tell which variant you have by the symbol in the bottom right corner. You can craft it in the Saddle Manufacturing Bench.

Wake Up Potion

Give this to your animal when it is unconscious and you don’t want to wait until it wakes up on its own. Thanks to the ingredient neostigmine, the activation of the parasymphatic system stimulates the tone of the skeletal muscles, sending an impulse that will make the animal wake up immediately. Unfortunately, this process also causes side effects, which ensure that the animal suffers triple the damage for 10 minutes. So think carefully about when and where to use this drink.
Producible: Advanced Chemistry Bench

Phoenix Creation Detergent

A mysterious essence slumbers in this potion, through which your Argentavis is reborn as a Phoenix. Since this potion requires quite a bit of energy, the rebirth only works from level 240. Inside the Argentavis, a Phoenix now thrives in a flame inferno, burning your Argentavis from the inside. The newly born animal is still young and wild and must now be tamed by you to be able to call it your own.
is produced in: Advanced Chemistry Bench

The following things and additional potions you can make in the Advanced Chemistry Bench and are needed to create new items…


Carbondisulfite (S2C)
Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)
Silicic Acid (SI(OH)4)
Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)
Sodium Hydroxide (NAOH)
Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)
Elemental Acid
Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

specific materials

special Coal
Extracted Hemoglobin
Treated Fiber
White Phosphor
Improved Leather
Refined Silicium





Mega Deamon-Drug

Speed Increasing Drug


The Spyglass displays the stats of animals and can be made in your own inventory. The handsfree version also works while holding weapons or other items in your hand.

Carbon armor

A light but durable armour, with a high armour value, which gives you a set bonus of 20% on speed and weight. Made in the High Tech Fabricator

Reusable Grappling Hook

You can use this carbon reinforced grappling hook an unlimited number of times. It is also manufactured in the High Tech Fabricator.

Construction helmet

Can be produced in the R+ table. 250% weight but only 50% HP while carrying. Only 1 durability and therefore only usable for building!

How do you create DNA and create a gene hybrid?

1) To create the DNA for a hybrid, you need the DNA of some dinosaurs as the main component. To get this DNA, you have to make a special potion in the Chemistry, which has to be brewed especially for each dino. The sulfur dioxide (SO2) you need for this potion is a by-product of making coal in the Advanced Chemistry Bench.

2) Feed this potion to the appropriate animal. Attention: it will not survive this. But this is the only way you will get the extracted blood you need. With this blood you can now produce the required DNA in the Genetic Workbench.

3) Combine this DNA together with the other required items and DNAs to form Hybrid DNA. If you have successfully done this, you can now produce the desired hybrid egg. An empty egg in different sizes and many of the necessary materials can be produced in Advanced Chemistry.


…the CURRENT level of the dinosaurs you use to make the DNA will affect the level of your hybrid. In other words, the better the dinosaurs, the better the corresponding hybrid. The minimum level is 175, so no matter what level your starting animal is, your hybrid will be at least 175. The maximum level is 240, so even if your average pet level is higher, your hybrid won’t exceed that level at birth. If the average level is between these values, your hybrid will be born according to this level.

For Super Hybrids, the average level of Dinosaurs used must be 280 to get a Max Level (240) Super Hybrid.
For example, you need 4 Dinosaurs to make the hybrid. The levels are 120, 200, 300, 220, so the average is 210, which is the same as your hybrid’s level.

Our hybrids


The Akumu – your worst nightmare. It comes up from the dark shadows with the aim of destroying everything and everyone. But beware: only in a pack is he really a danger! The Flame-Breathing Demon is not only an excellent fighter, but also has the ability to empathize with his kind and becomes a raging beast if they are hurt too much.

Special features:
-immune to fire damage, can breathe fire.
-Puddle bonus
-Can do extremely fast sprints
-The Akumu has a special rage mechanic.

Like a Giga once raged it will attack anything and everything, similar to the Giga, but causes up to twice the damage.
The speciality: Rage one Akumu and the whole pack rages!


In the depths of the night lurks the perfect hunter! With teeth as sharp as razor blades and claws that make it impossible for his prey to free itself from its claws. With his agility, no obstacle is too high and no cliff too far. The Avesfeles moves very fast and can track down enemies even in the darkest night. Its shining eyes are said to have the ability to penetrate you with their gaze and look into your soul. Be on your guard!

* Similar to the Thylacoleo, it is possible for the Avesfeles to dismount the rider and pin them to the ground.
* Similar to the Thylacoleo, it is also possible for the Avesfeles to pin the mount itself – taking the survivor for a ride, but not preventing them from dismounting.

– Bite (Left Mouse Button)
– Fatal Slash (Right Mouse Button): Applies Bleeding, Slows down, 15 Seconds Cooldown
– Roar (C Button, does nothing else,Roaring is awesome!)
– Thermal Vision (toggleable with X, consumes Stamina)

While Latched:
Left Mouse Button: Pounce & Pin Down
Right Mouse Button: Fall down

When Pinning something:
Left Mouse Button: Bite
Right Mouse Button: Let Go


The Stegoceratops is the ultimate farmer. Due to its simple gene sequence, it is possible to combine the two DNAs without the use of element. Thus, it can be produced before the Tek Age and makes everyday life enormously easier.

Left Mousebutton: Melee
Right Mousebutton: Ram (Charge Attack)
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Reduces the weight of berries, crops and more consumeables by 50%, Excelent Gathering


This mysterious creature is said to be the war horse of the angels. On land and in the air, there is probably no finer animal than he.

Special features:
– Can fly…
– AOE Slow attack (C key), only works in the air


Take a Kitsune and improve it further, combine it with the strenght of a Dragon and
equip it with the power of fire!
The Kurashi can heavily increase its core-temperature and enflame himself.
While enflamed, this Superhybrid lights everything around him on fire, the fire is percentage based, so its very effective against enemies with an high HP-pool.
This Enflaming costs loads of power, a Kurashi that uses this ability will build up topor rapidly, while loosing stamina. However, while enflamed he gets a huge healingboost, that make this ability very strong.
Babies are very lively and will not simply follow you, be careful to not loose them when they start jumping around. Its advised to raise this Dino in a closed room!

– Ignited Cooldown 120 seconds
– Ignited Staminacosts 7.5/second
– Ignited Stunning 30 seconds
– Ignited Duration 45 seconds
– Ignited Minimum damage 24/sec
– Ignited Maximum damage 200/sec

Left Mousebutton: Melee (Doesn’t work underwater)
Right Mousebutton: Emflame! (Damages the Area around you consistently, Dinos will stop burning after 5 Seconds if you are to far away.
You will constantly heal over the time you are enflamed, while building up topor and loosing stamina! (Cannot be used underwater)
C-Button: Melee (Works underwater)
Specials: Press “X” to Switch between Speed and Precision


With the Kentrosaurusrex we have been able to successfully produce a combination of carnivores and herbivores through long genetic research, which can thus adapt to all adversities and feed on almost anything. The combination of the attacking power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the defensive behavior of the Kentrosaurus by damage reflection makes it an absolute all-rounder. In order to stabilize the gene combination the DNA of a Therri and a Stego is needed.

Left Mousebutton: Bite (Like the Rex)
Right Mousebutton: Roar (Like the Rex)
C-Button: None
Specials: Reflects Incomming Melee Damage


Born out of the flames of a phoenix, hatches a creature that looks like an Ankylo from afar. But hold on, thats not an Ankylo, thats a super Hybrid! This is a creature that is based on another hybrid an is further refined! He posses some strong abilities that make it worth the while! He is way stronger than a normaly ankylo, he can gather tons of metal and even melt it into ingots. He posses some beefy attack that can light your enemies up on fire!

Left Mousebutton: Bite
Right Mousebutton: Tail Attack (Deals Additional Damage to enemies by setting them on fire)
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Melts 3 Metal into 2 Ingots, Can be skilled in Crafting Speed to increase the processing of Metal, Reduces the weight of Metal & Metal Ingots


The Kitsune is a hybrid between Managarmr and Rockdrake, as well as elements of the Snowowl and the Electrophorus. He is taller and stronger than the original Managarmr. He can make very wide jumps without losing too much stamina. His lightning attack is a powerful weapon that provides the Kitsune with new life force and weakens his opponents. He is the perfect all-rounder, whether on land, in the air or in the water!
Babies are very lively and will not simply follow you, be careful to not loose them when they start jumping around. Its advised to raise this Dino in a closed room!

Left Mousebutton: Melee (Doesn’t work underwater)
Right Mousebutton: Lightning AOE (Damages the Area around you, while providing you with a small regeneration buff that consumes food – Can hurt enemy riders, cannot be used underwater)
C-Button: Melee (Works underwater)
Specials: Press “X” to Switch between Speed and Precision


The Sanagi is quite a special lifeform, stuck somewhere between larva and butterfly. His wings, combined with the ability to suck in air and push it out of special membranes, enable him to make very longer and high jumps that almost seem like flying. Due to his stature he doesn’t take falldamage. A special Enzyme that can only be found in the Sanagi, is the reason it poops fertilizer instead of dung, that can be used in crop plots.

Left Mousebutton: Melee (like the Gasbags)
Right Mousebutton: suck in air (like the Gasbags)
C-Button: Push (pushes Enemies away, like the Gasbags)
Specials: No Falldamage, produces fertilizer instead of poop, improved air control & impulse in comparison of the Gasbags, can reach high speeds vertically (in air), faster then a Tek Suit!


The Spinoraptor is a hybrid between a Spino and a Raptor. Since the DNA appears to be instable the holes must be fixed with two other DNA strands. This leads to some strange abilities, while the hybrid is equally fast as a raptor and does inherit the strength and the water affinity of the Spino, you will also receive an insulation buff while riding and will be supplied with oxygen while diving. However, the dino itself will still need to breathe and recover stamina!

Left Mousebutton: Bite / Melee
Right Mousebutton: Pack Roar (This only works in a Pack and only if you are riding the Alpha!) Boost the Melee of every Pack-Member
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Provides Insulation and Oxygen underwater, still needs to breathe itself though!


As the name suggests, this is a hybrid between Carno and Raptor. The combination of the Raptor DNA, which makes the most of the speed, and the Carno DNA, whereby the strength is significantly increased, it is possible to throw even larger animals to the ground and overwhelm them. Since the two DNA match each other perfectly, no element is needed for the connection.

Left Mousebutton: Melee
Right Mousebutton: Pounce (Works and most creatures that weight less than 100. Also works on Sabertooths and Direwolves)
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Nothing


The Ankylodocus is a hybrid between a diplodocus and an ankylosaurus. It’s superior in harvesting metal and flint. However, since the DNA of the Doedicurus was used in the engineering process aswell, he is an excellent gatherer for stone. Thus you get a strong, speedy land dino that is well able to protect itself.
The Saddle comes with 2 Passenger Slots! Bring some friends!

Left Mousebutton: Head Crush (Mines Flint, Metal, Berries, etc. – kinda like the Anky)
Right Mousebutton: Front Stomp (Mines Stone – kinda like the Doed, can be used while running/walking [might be changed in the future though])
C-Button: Back Stomp (Mines Stone – kinda like the Doed, can be used while running/walking)
Specials: Reduces the Weight of Obsidian, Stone, Metal, Crystal, Flint and Gems


The Thorajara is a very unique hybrid. It was created from a DNA recombination of the Tapejara and the Thorny Dragon. Also, a little DNA of other dinosaurs has flowed in to fill in the gaps in the genome. So, a Flyer with special skills has been created. He is capable of shooting sharp thorns, both on the ground and in the air, thus inflicting enormous damage on his opponent. This damage is piercing and will ignore armor. His strength and energy are clearly superior to that of a Tapejara.

Left Mousebutton: Bite
Right Mousebutton: Grab
C-Button: Throw Thorns
On Land: Throws 6 thorns, each Dealing 100 Damage and Ignoring a certain % of Armor
In Air: Does a Barell Roll that throws 12 thorns, each Dealing 50 Damage and Ignoring a certain % of Armor — The Angle, how the Thorns fly is tracked from the head of the Thorajara.)
Specials: Can be leveled in Movementspeed

Muteki (aka Indominus Rex)

The Muteki is a fearsome mixture of 7 different dinosaurs and thus one of the strongest current hybrids. This top predator becomes faster and stronger as it runs. By the buried Tusoteuthis DNA he and his rider can completely merge with his environment and become invisible even for an infrared camera. In addition, the Giganotosaurus-DNA also makes him completely immune to its bleeding damage.

-Bite & Blow Attack
-Sprint- & rush function
-Fear Aura if not invisible scares every wild animal under 500 drag weight.


The Stegarion is a quiet and peaceful contemporary who wants to protect others. He achieves this through the live he has and his powers to create a shield of lianas and plants that reduces incoming damage by 75%.

-Horn Attack
-Stomping attack
-Enable/disable tendril armour
Activated vine armor reduces all incoming damage by 75%.
Costs shielding which slowly replenishes (can be levelled).
No oxygen consumption. Shielding replaces oxygen.

Fukutsu (aka Indoraptor)

The Fukutsu is the little brother of the Muteki. This super hybrid is fast, incredibly strong and even stronger in the pack. Due to its small size the Fukutsu is extremely nimble and light and can glide through the air and climb up walls in a flash. The Tusoteuthis DNA that gave the muteki its invisibility has mutated through the burial of other DNAs and is now responsible that the prey of the Fukutsu, through its infrared vision, cannot even hide from it at night.

-Bite Attack
-heat view
-Fear Aura if not invisible scares every wild animal under 149 drag weight.
-Puddle bonus incl. pack buff
-causes bleeding damage