“Rare” Rare Sightings


Increased Staminaregeneration


+20% weight. The colouring is slightly changed


Isolation buff for riders, reduced fall damage


Dino can breathe underwater


Increased insulation buff for riders


20% Melee Boost
Subspecies: Antlered, Unihorn


+20% HP. The colour changes depending on the viewing angle


Similar to the Bulbdog, they have a lamp on the head which can be switched on/off with Q. This light has no “charge” effect.


20% faster on land


+20% Damage resistance


When touched, wild and hostile dinos receive blood damage


20% damage reduction


Powerful, untameable version of Rare Sightings! Kill them and you can get good equipment and even blueprints.


Tameable sub-alpha; have the same coloring as alphas and 10% boost on damage, damage reduction and movement speed. They are tameable and have a weak alpha glow.

Mythic Rares

Druidic Dinos

Dinos from plant elements
Boost near crop plots.
The range of the Boost is about 8 foundations.
In detail the greenhouse effect is increased, which is increased to x6 compared to vanilla (x4).

Galvanic Dinos

Press ‘Q’ to start an electric burst. Temporarily stuns all nearby dinosaurs and players. Very short range; 30 sec. cooldown.
Does not affect dinosaurs and players of the same tribe.

Glacial Dinos

Press ‘Q’ to start an Ice Burst. Temporarily freezes all nearby Dinosaurs and players. Very short range; 30 sec. cooldown.
Does not affect dinosaurs and players of the same tribe.

Phoenixkin Dinos

These dinosaurs have Phoenix blood in them! If they die, they’re reborn as babies. This has a 24 hour cool-down and works only with adult animals. Reborn babies lose all experience points and must be reclaimed. Additionally they give an isolation buff when riding and the excrement is made of silicon beads.

Shadow Dinos

These dinosaurs have 20% more movement speed, don’t need to breathe, are partially continuous (players and other animals can walk through, but if you ride them you can’t walk through other dinosaurs). Because they are continuous, they do not listen to individual commands. They have reduced fall speed and do not take fall damage. They also run silently, don’t need a saddle, and their poop is gas balls.

Starlight Dinos

Dinos with bioluminescent cells.
+ 20% speed and endurance.
Immediately after taming, they offer their owners the opportunity to find better items from loot. This ability lasts as long as they have sparkle.
Starlight Rares can randomly regain their sparkle; this can happen once or twice every 24 hours. While they have their rare sparkle, they will give their owners the ability to find better loot again.

Stone Dinos

elemental dinos, which are made of stone. They are 5 times heavier than the normal variant, take only 50% of the incoming damage, and move at only 50% of their normal speed. They don’t need to breathe, and the poop is made of stone. They can neither fly nor swim.

Obsidian Dinos

Another variant of the elemental dinos, their excrement consists of obsidian.

Rare Deseases


Can infect with Mega Rabies through bites, similar to Megalania.


May infect with swamp fever if you get too close. This can only infect the normal carriers, e.g: humans and dodos.