Important notes!

IMPORTANT: Every player must be in a Tribe, even if he is a single player!

Also, to make it easier for us admins, we would like to ask you to use your player name in Discord, or at least write it in brackets after your discord name. This way we have the chance to inform you about new features, demolished structures or your support tickets etc.

Your structures are automatically removed after 12 days of inactivity. You can extend this time to 18 days if you link ingame with Discord. In case of vacation, illness, etc. you can cancel your registration by ticket. The further procedure will be discussed in the ticket.

A) General rules

Every player on our ARK server must behave in such a way that we can maintain a fair, regulated and full server. This rule may override all other rules.

Harassment of fellow players is prohibited. This includes insults, sexist, radical and national socialist remarks or simply discussions which can also take place in the regular chat.

Chat languages: German and English.

It is forbidden to lure wild dinos into foreign bases or to throw them over them.

It is forbidden to grab foreign players and dinosaurs without permission.

Dinos, which are being tamed or stunned by someone else, may not be killed,
other obstructions or disturbances are also not permitted.

You are not allowed to drop eggs from Wyvern, Rockdrakes or Magmasaur please eat them instead. Each egg in the game blocks the appearance of a new one.

It is forbidden to buy or sell items or dinosaurs for real money. This leads directly to the ban!

Exploiting bugs and game mechanics to your own advantage is prohibited.

There is basically no substitution of items/animals in case of bugs, crashes or personal fault. 

It is forbidden to cut down sheep with a chainsaw, as this can lead to lags. Instead use the Sheepgrinder which is a part of our mod.

Beaver dams must be emptied completely!

B) Construction rules

Two bases are allowed per server. However, it is only allowed to have a main base on one of the two Ragnarok servers!

One water enclosure per server is allowed. (This counts as one base)

All types of structures outside the base (campfires, sleeping bags, spikes, traps, individual foundations/pillars) must be removed after use.
We have set up a channel in the Discord where such structures are posted. We reserve the right to remove these structures without comment if we or other players ignore any hints.

In addition to your bases it is allowed to own a raft. However, it must be reasonably built (bed, cupboard, etc.) and located mainly in your base, unless you use it.
Empty rafts that are not in your base are considered “structure outside base” and will be removed by us. Built-up rafts that are out of your Base for a long time count as Base.

A respectful distance to the bases of your neighbours must be maintained, close building must be clarified with them beforehand.

It is not allowed to reserve a building site with foundations, pillars or other structures.

Bases or the outdoor enclosures must be ordered with animals or reasonable structures. (No placeholders!)

Important paths and resource locations must not be blocked by buildings.

Artifact caves and their entrances may not be built on.

Gates around a base are not walls and must be adjusted within 24 hours.

Only 15 Plant Species Z plants are allowed per Tribe, plant more and they will be removed without warning!

Building and parking of dinos at the Terminals is not allowed.

One closed private oil pump, one gas collector & one well is allowed per Tribe.
You are also welcome to leave them open and accessible to everyone, as a large surplus is generated anyway, so all players can benefit from it.
However, public pumps/collectors also fall under this rule, meaning no more than 1 per tribe.

Please do not build huge square blocks as base or dino store, there are many mods available, be creative!

Please build sensibly and no huge buildings with too many structures.
We reserve the right to tell you to reduce your base if necessary.
If you are not sure, just ask us and we will take a look.
You can make a Basemeasurement Tool at the R+ Bench.
This is to check the size of your Base for yourself.
Just place it in the middle of your Base and let it show you the range.
This will give you an approximate guideline as to the maximum size of your Base.
We Admins will also check some bases with it, and then tell you to reduce the size of your base if necessary. However, you will help us immensely if you do this yourself. On Genesis, the middle Basemeasurement Tool serves as a guide. On all other maps, the large Basemeasurement Tool is used. The smaller Basemeasurement Tools are used for the outposts.

C) Note regarding administrative activities

The instructions of the Admins must be followed.

In case of rule violations we reserve the right to delete the corresponding structures without comment. (e.g. structures outside the base) In addition, a warning or ban can be issued.