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Please note the following:

Characters and items can be easily transferred between all cards (exceptions: artifacts, tribute, element, element splinters).

We do not recommend hatching Rockdrakes and Wyvern on Extinction!

Animals on Aberration and Genesis

IMPORTANT: On Aberration and Genesis only animals and eggs that appear on the map can survive.
Eggs from animals not on the map do not decompose, but the babies cannot be claimed. Exception: Eggs from wyvern will decompose immediately.
On the other hand a transfer is possible without problems.
The following animals are allowed on Aberration: List
The following animals are allowed on Genesis: List
All animals not listed can be transferred, but will receive enormous damage (die already by a fisticuff)

Deko & Building

Builder’s Improvements
PimpMyHome Building Parts
eco’s Garden Decor
eco’s RP Decor
eco’s Tek Decor
Castles, Keeps & Forts Remastered

Dino Mods

Radioactive Ark Mod
Dino Garage v2

Little Helpers

Upgrade Station
Auto Engrams
Radioactive Plus


– Learn all Engrams
– Friendly Fire active
– ORP PVE (after 1 minute)
– Flyerpickup active
– no Tribelimit PVE
– no Lootdrops
– Dino & Structuredecay: deactivated
In case of an absence of more than 7 days you have to open a ticket in the discord. If you have not done that , your structures will be removed after 15 days of inactivity.

– individually adapted stack sizes
– Tamelimit: 600 Dinos


XP x 3
Harvest x 3
Taming x 5
Maturation x 5
Egg Hatch x 3

important ingame commands:
/suicide – kills your Character
/showlimits – show your overall Structurelimit (10.000 / Tribe)


– max wild Dino Level: 150 (Wyvern/Rockdrakes 190)
– max Player Level: 105 ( + Tek Cave etc)
– max Dino Level (gezähmt): 525

Permitted animals on Genesis

All animals in all variants (X-animals, TEK etc.) are allowed, which occur on Genesis.



All animals not listed can be transferred, but they will receive enormous damage (c)

Permitted animals on Aberration

All vanilla animals in the Aberrant version are allowed.

ATTENTION: Aberrant Indominus is not allowed on Aberration despite the name!

Megalania (not immune against radioactivity)
Animals from Extinction (not immune to radioactivity):
Hybrids (not immune to radioactivity):
Carnoraptor (Aberrant variant)
Spinoraptor (Aberrant variant)
Ankylodocus (aberrant variant)
Stegoceratops (Aberrant variant, Radioactive Starter variant)

All animals not listed can be transferred, but will receive enormous damage (they will die in one punch)