You want to donate to the server, but don’t know exactly how? You do not have a PayPal account? Here is a little guide for you…
The first thing you have to do is go to the RadioactiveGaming donation shop.
There you click on “Donate for Radio Coins” and log in with your Steam ID.
Now put the available package into the shopping cart. Afterwards you can choose your donation amount.
Now you have the package in your shopping cart and can “buy” it.
There Paypal is selected by default. On the bottom right you can choose your payment method.
The address data must be filled in, but it doesn’t matter what you enter there. We do not see or need the data. Important is only your linked Steam-ID, so that you can get your coins.

Please note, address line 1 is the street, line 2 is the house number.

Afterwards set the two lower checkmarks and confirm the purchase.
You will now be redirected to Paypal.

If something should not work, please contact Revy via Discord.

We would like to thank everyone who has already donated or is planning to donate!
You help us a lot to keep the servers running, to improve and to extend them!