support english


Here is a short summary of the support ticket, how it works and what it is meant for…

How does it work?
In the channel #?ingamesupport? you can react with the appropriate emoji to create a ticket.
This ticket (own channel) is only visible for you and us admins.
The ticket will be processed by us and closed after completion! 

Why all this?
With the introduction of this system we want to avoid that some of our admins are flooded with private messages!
Also it is easier to support each other because of the transparency of the ticket (each of us admins can see the conversation, pictures etc.).
From now on: No support via PN! PNs, which aim at a support request, will be ignored consequently or we will refer you to the support system here at the beginning.  

Please note that in the future there will only be support via Discord! On questions like “Admin there?” we do not react consequently!

Please note:
– Questions that can be answered by other players or can be answered by Google/Ark Wiki are not meant for the support ticket! (e.g. where certain animals spawn, which artifacts are needed for bosses etc.)
– Before you create a ticket, please check the website first to see if your question is answered in one of the guides or other descriptions
– please try to give us as exact a description as possible for bent animals, disturbing structures etc. 

Where do we have to go (coordinates), your tribe-name and possibly the base location
So we can help you even if you are not there at the moment and can eg. transfer stucked animals directly back to your tribe and bring them to your base etc.