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Special animals and where to find them…


He is a relatively strong fighter who receives reduced damage from wild animals (only 60%), except for mythical animals.

The best nose in the game!

He is able to smell enemy players, creatures and even ships!
This can be activated manually via the radial menu or in turret mode (then the fox is immobile).

additional ability: Musk
Cover your scent for a short time, as well as that of your fox, so that you cannot be recognized by enemy foxes.

The Hippo

The Hippo spawns in the world and can be tamed by you via Seaweed Cracker.

It is characterized by excellent weight, it can dive long and deep and even sprint in the water.
In the water it has a slight regeneration buff.
The Hippo is a good metal farmer.

Attention: It eats only Seaweed, Salted Seaweed & Seaweed Cracker after taming!

Taming with normal crackers is very inefficient Mythical Seaweed Cracker are 10x more efficient!

Breeding: Hippos can only mate swimming.


The moose belongs to the peaceful animals in the atlas world, they are absolute connoisseurs and therefore need the one or other treat when taming.

They are neutral creatures, which only defend themselves.
The moose is the only source of Antler Fragments (an additional type of ceratin).

Moose can mine straw very well and may replace the giraffe with the appropriate.

Moose males are advantageous for combat ,they can take opponents up to a certain size (e.g. lion) in their antlers and hold them. In addition, they can then inflict damage on the victim.

Raising: Baby moose need only the milk of their mother to raise.


The Eagle is divided into 2 species (Golden Eagle (left in picture) & Bald Eagle (right in picture)).

The smaller & weaker Golden Eagle has the ability to sense enemy players nearby and warn the bearer (shouldered animal).

The larger and rarer Bald Eagle has the ability to sense nearby animals that are level 30 or higher and warn the bearer (shouldered animal).

Both eagle species extend a player’s range of vision, much like the giraffe.


The unicorn has something magical, accordingly it is difficult to locate.
In the tavern, it is rumored that it appears only with an aurora, but disappears just as quickly.

Finding a wild unicorn is a sign of great luck, players who manage to do so receive a 3-day buff that brings some bonuses.

The unicorn can be tamed, but will lose its special ability.

It has much better stats than the common horse, but cannot be mutated.
Unicorns are mythical creatures, which literally feed on moonshine, if they don’t have moonshine they slowly but surely starve.

The breeding of unicorns turns out to be very difficult:
Unicorns grow only at night! During the day the growth process is stopped.
Unicorns need milk from their mother.


This type of sheep is equipped with powerful horns that allow them to smash rocks and stones with ease.
When mining stones, they receive significantly more Flint than Stone, and when mining pure Flint, they receive a bonus.

They can be passively tamed, but become aggressive when touched.
Unlike other passive tames, you must tame the Big Horn Sheep with Kibble, a new food in Atlas.

You have to put it on the ground at the right time, when it eats, so that the Big Horn Sheep can eat it.

Note: Big Horn Sheep in a trap will not eat or get taming progress.

Woolly Rhino

This distant relative of the rhino is native to the tundra regions, generally exhibiting the same abilities and stats as the normal rhino.

However, the differently shaped horn is perfect for collecting coal.

On its back you get an isolation buff against cold, which scales with the melee damage.

The weight of coal in his inventory is reduced by 25%.


This cute creature is exceptionally trusting!
You can gain their trust by feeding them fresh prime fish.

The otter is a good companion for catching fish and thus an easy way to get fish meat & fish oil.
Otters that you whistle for fish (Attack this Target) will get Prime fish or even pearls when you kill them.

Otters do a lot of damage against fish (not sharks, dolphins or manta rays) and can kill them quickly.
As a shoulder animal, it provides an isolation buff.


The seal is the best companion for underwater!

It has extraordinary speed and its oxygen supply is very large.

What it misses in combat strength, it brings in stamina and agility.

The seal can share oxygen with players and automatically supplies its rider (only possible in water) with oxygen.

It is tamed with fish carcasses, which it eats out of your hand.

Additionally, the seal is used in a ritual, which makes it all the more valuable.

Thorny Dragon

This lizard-like creature is found on the Powerstone Islands, like the Razortooth, the Thorny Dragon is one of the mythical Tames.

These creatures cannot be tamed by normal methods, you will have to find another way by trial and error!

Thorny Dragons can be found up to level 117 and cannot be bred!

Thorny Dragons are strong fighters that have a ranged attack with which they shoot tranquilizing spikes.

The Thorny Dragon is the only animal in Atlas that has a workbench in its saddle, so if it has the necessary weight and you have the materials, you can craft with it on the go!


This wild subspecies of the horse is especially suitable for hot areas.
Its rider gets an isolation buff.

Otherwise, the zebra is quite comparable with the horse.


This reptile is arguably one of the largest lizards you will encounter!
But be careful!

Its bites contain pathogens of a disease that can weaken you!