Atlas patch notes 15.Feb.24

Atlas patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Lava Cave boss fight to be canceled (no player found in the arena)
  • Houses now count from "Pay from Resource Box" in the Animal Trading Platforms
  • 7 New houses in Nassau
  • Ritual circle: Eggs now continue to hatch even when not rendered
  • Pullmenu: Bones, Sugarcane, Glassslate, Cookingoil, Turtle Shell, Cursed Bone Chips, Brimstone, Sand, Seeds
  • Pullmenu: New function with which resources for standard blueprints can be pulled (e.g. ballista bolts)
  • Pull menu: When pulling gray blueprints, basic resources are ignored and the resource with the largest quantity is taken (analogous to pulling multiple resources for quality blueprints
  • Shipyard: Pylons dont have any collision and are purely visual
  • The settings Mating, Wandering, Aggression, Following distance, Targeting distance, Ignore whistle commands can now be copied to nearby identical creatures in the Behavior tab of each creature
    -> So bear to all bears, etc... in the vicinity (depending on animal size, 5-10 foundation radius!)
  • Yeti: Now reduces weight of fibers and saps by 33%
  • Reload Speed Buff: increased from 3% to 4%
  • Reload Speed Buff: Fixed a bug where this buff slowed down the speed instead of increasing it!
  • Leopard: Fixed a bug where 5 medium sails were significantly faster than 2 large and 2 medium sails (are now 3% slower but have 14% better handling)
  • Lava Boss: Number of cannonballs now also scales with the number of players
  • Fishing & Colloseum: Lootbox: Amount of loot doubled, min quality is now Masterwork, max quality is Mythic, inclusion of Hard Quest rewards
  • Fishing & Colloseum: Lootbox: 1% chance of aquarium, 2% chance of fishing decoration signs, 10% chance of advanced fishing items each as additional loot
  • Fishing & Colloseum: Lootbox: Cost reduced from 500 to 250 coins
  • New loot box for events that can have skins, event items (e.g. Armor's arrows) and an exclusive minipet as loot
  • New trophies which are exclusively available as rewards at Frank's events

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