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All purchases will be collected in a separate account and will only benefit the server. You help us to pay a part of the server rent and to grow and improve the server! We hope to make you happy with the coins and skins and to offer you a great server!

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Vote and get rewards ingame! You can learn more about this in our Discord.


Comming soon...


You want to do something good for the server? Then buy a booster and increase a rate of your choice for some time.
This increase applies to all players on the server.

Discord, News & TS

Be sure to join us on Discord and become part of our community, then you will receive all the important news and updates.
You can also actively participate in polls there and simply create a support ticket in case of problems.
Get in touch with other players or find new tribemembers via Discord or TS.


You need an admin? Then use our ticket system in Discord.

The Island PVE

Server browser:

Special features with us...


The chats of all maps are connected via our Discord server. This means for you, if you write in the ingame chat, all players on all servers can read it and reply to you. In addition, it is also possible for players who are not currently in the game to write with people ingame and vice versa.

You can also find our adminlog via Discord.
In-game admin commands are not logged, so that (depending on why and how many commands are needed) the entire chat is not plastered with them.
However, so that everyone can understand that everything is above board, this can be viewed via Discord.

Own mod forge

From our pen come some very famous mods from Ark:SE and ATLAS!

We also have a lot planned for Ark:SA...

Expects convenient management of tames in the cloud, with accompanying production of items such as eggs and feces

A Great, Revised Decay with Vacationer Protection

An improved chat with äöü, etc.

A dedicated mod with content like: New animals, new bosses, deco and new structure designs!