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All donations will be collected on a separate account and will be used exclusively for the server. You help us to pay a part of the server rent and to enlarge and improve the server! We hope to make you happy with the coins and skins and to offer you a great server!

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We would like to use this to thank you for helping us fund the server!
However, in order for those who don't want to or can't donate to get special skins etc., you can also get the Radioactive Coins by winning events.
We hope to provide a fair system for all players.

Donations & Events

When you donate through our donation system, you will automatically receive coins which will be spawned into your inventory in-game within 15 minutes. 
Per Euro you get 100 Coins

It is also possible to win RadioCoins at events! Depending on the event this is different and will be announced in the respective event description.

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cultivable trees

You can plant these in the Behemoth Tree Plot. To grow, the trees need mulch + water. When they are fully grown, they no longer need this and have unlimited durability. You can snag platforms on all trees and build on them.

The number of trees is limited to 3 per Tribe.

Super Meat / Supermeat

Cost: 400

Super Meat is an item with unlimited durability! If it is applied to a tameable dino, put into the inventory or fed to passive tames, the dino will be tamed immediately! This works for herbivores as well as for carnivores! Both passive tames and knockout tames work.

ATTENTION: is eaten preferentially by all animals, so do not pack into the dino inventory! In case of loss there is no replacement!

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Be sure to register with us in Discord and become part of our community, then you will receive all important news and updates. You can also actively participate in polls and create a support ticket in case of problems. Get in contact with other players via Discord or TS or find new tribemembers.

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You need an admin? Then use our ticket system in Discord.

Player statistics

Here you can see the locations, values and number of your animals via "View my Profile"; see when your animals need to be imprinted and much more. (currently not available)

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Ragnarok PVE

Valguero PVE

Olympus PVE

CrystalIsles PVE

Genesis Part 1 PvE

Genesis Part 2

Special features with us...


The chats of all maps are connected via our Discord server. This means for you, if you write in the ingame chat, all players on all servers can read it and reply to you. In addition, it is also possible for players who are not currently in the game to write with people ingame and vice versa.

To use the Cross-TRIBEchat, you need to do the following:
The tribe owner must be the same person on all maps. If this is the case, you can chat across all maps in the tribe chat.

You can also find our admin log via Discord. Ingame no admin commands are logged, so that (depending on why and how many commands are needed) not the entire chat is plastered with it. But so that everyone can understand that everything is going right, you can see it via Discord.

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no loot drops

There are no loot drops on our PVE maps. Instead, we have invested a lot of time and adapted the upgrade and augmentation station so that you can upgrade all your saddles, armor, tools, etc. with these. We have paid a lot of attention to the balance between keeping very good items and limiting items that are too strong. We would like to note that the armor and damage augmentation as well as their respective durability augmentation are "lategame" augmentations! You need rare resources and element to create these augmentations, but you can improve the cold & heat insulation significantly relatively early and thus greatly improve the survival in very cold or very hot zones!
In addition, all blueprints can only be produced 3x by us.

RadioactiveArk Mod & Radioactive Plus

Create your own unique hybrid from several dinos! This mod has a complete genetic system and some hybrids. Each hybrid is available in different variants (Standard, Aberrant, Extinction or Colorful). The hybrids cannot be bred and are always female. Part of this mod is a chemical system that is a key element for making your own hybrids!

With Radioactive Plus you have the possibility to create some structures of the former S+ mod in PVE.

RadioactiveArk ModRadioactive Plus

Dino Storage v2

This is a small mod that allows you to store dinos as items, similar to a Pokeball! By removing tamed dinos from the world, it allows you to maintain a large library of stored dinos without affecting server performance! No more lagtastic dinos barns or yards! Dino Storage obeys tribal and server taming restrictions on release while allowing a large library of stored dinos to not count against your taming restriction.

Car Engrams

You will also learn all engrams automatically. Even if a new mod or the like comes along with new engrams, they will be added of course. To unlock them, you have to die once, fast travel or level up. You'll also need to do this to unlock the R+ tek engrams, which you'll only learn automatically if you've unlocked the corresponding "non-R+" tek engrams in boss fights.


You can achieve certain ranks by doing certain activities (killing dinos, being killed, game time). Some are just nice to look at, some give you a rank before your name, and others even give you a small gift in your inventory.
you can execute the following new chat commands:
/achievements = shows your achievements
/mystats = shows your personal game statistics
/stats = shows the top 10 of all players