commercial port


In the middle of C3 you will find the island Nassau with the city of the same name!

Stop by and be amazed!

Nassau in C3 has a lot to offer and is a popular place to hang out!

Primitive Haunted Chests

The Primitive Hauntet Chests are intended to simplify your entry into the game.

You will get your first gold coins for NPCs and your first blueprints for upgraded items there.

These are found exclusively in C3

You need nothing more than a bow and arrow or a melee weapon that suits you !

Also this little box should give you a foretaste of further modcontent on our server !

Animal sale platforms

This rentable platform is used to sell tames!

You can offer several animals on one platform!

Every animal sold is automatically neutered.

The price and resource is thereby selectable for the tenant.

Optionally you can also sell animals with imprint. Prerequisite: You have imprinted the animal yourself and it has 100% imprint!

Please note the limit of max 2 platforms / company!

Item stores

In the trade street you can rent stores where you can sell items like you are used to from the normal player stores!

The cost here is 50 gold every 12 hours, no matter how much is in the store.

Similar to the normal PlayerShop, you will be notified when the store can no longer be maintained, however, it will not be destroyed then, but will become the property of RadioactiveAtlas again and will be ready for the next "tenant".

Please note the limit of max 1 store / company!

The tavern

In the tavern you can find various NPCs, rent a bed and a resource box!

Fountain of Youth

Behind the tavern in the waterfall, you come to the Fountain of Youth, no Deathrun is necessary on the Powerstone Islands!

Tag team arena

You can also find the tag team arena behind the city in C3

Here you can show what you really have !

It is the venue for many events that take place on Radioactive Atlas !

Fishing Minigame

Under the skull waterfall behind the town you can fish !
But that's not all ! As soon as you have enough Fishing Coins, you can also buy a small Fishing Boat! With this it is also possible for you to fish inside the lake!

Ranking list:
The ranking gives an overview of the biggest catch (which is also posted in the global chat) and the highest score.
Every month it is reset and the top 3 are honored with small prizes.
You can find the ranking in our Atlas UI!

Colosseum (picture follows)

Every 2 hours a fight takes place in the Colosseum!

To participate you only need to be in C3, empty your inventory and write /joinarena in the chat.
Also make sure that you are not on a ship.

The fight will take place if at least 6 people register. You will all be equipped with the same stats and items, so it will be a fair fight!

Become a resident!

A bed in the tavern is not enough for you?
Then rent one of the many houses!

Houses you can decorate and equip independently according to your mood.

Additionally, you have an Int Buff of 10% in the house and can have resources delivered to C3 from your bases via Postbox (delay ~15 minutes!).

Houses are not cheap to maintain and therefore an absolute late-game purchase

Trading FAQ

How do I rent something?

Empty platforms/shops/boxes have "Free for Rent" written in green letters, you can rent them by looking at them and pressing "E".

How do I set my price?

This is pretty self-explanatory and works analogous to our rentable stores! You can start by selecting "Set Price" in the inventory

Advantages over normal trading?

The buyer can look at your goods in peace and collect / farm payment if necessary.
He can also make the purchase without the seller having to be online.

How is the rent paid by structures?

The corresponding gold for your rented structures must be in sufficient quantity in the corresponding structure.

The Tavern, Treehouses & Camps

The tavern has a few more things to offer....


On the first floor of the tavern you will find our two landlords: Shooty Mc Kraken and Ale Mc Guinness who sell you beer, rum and bread!

Mysterious dealer

Also on the first floor is the Mysterious Man, who sells wands, only with these wands and some alchemy, you will be able to cast spells....


Also on the first floor of the tavern you will find the Old Story Teller. A visit is worthwhile, because he has a lot to tell about additional content of the mod.

Rentable beds

You can rent a bed with an integrated inventory, which you can use as a respawn / fast travel point to go about your business on C3!
You can find this in the tavern !