RadioactiveAtlas Mod

Radioactive specific

Adminshop - RadioCoins
buy homemade skins (for weapons, shield etc. and figureheads) at the Freeport at Marie. You can get the coins through donations and events.

You can also visit the Freeport at Lilly Buy seeds for trees and rare corals.

Custom server UI as welcome screen

Customizable Company Flag (100 RadioCoins) and Customizable Sails (200 RadioCoins) can be used with Conny in Freeport, you can have them modded by us with your own logos. To do this, you must send us your desired motif after your purchase, preferably in 1024×1024 resolution via a support ticket in Discord. After the next mod update they will be available in the store.

What are Radio Coins?Get Company Sail Package NowGet Company Flag Package NowView all skins...


The amount of deco & structures is constantly expanding! Please note that we do not constantly update this list (as of summer 2020!).

36 additional variants of all stone components, 18 additional variants of all wood components!!!

Decoration Workbench
(Can be learned under Esotery of Building, can be made in the normal workbench) here you will be able to make all kinds of decorations in the future.

Lamps that turn on and off automatically, no fuel is needed, but costs to produce Myth.

Storage Boxes in different styles: large stack of boxes that serves as decoration and has 100 inventory spaces. Can be placed on ships.

Alcohol barrels: barrels and bottles used as decoration, provides 15 inventory places for alcohol, extends its shelf life by 10 times.

Small gold mountains (gold & silver - 6 variants each). (Production from gold coins, demolition returns full amount).

Jugs can be placed as decoration (no storage space, low durability)

Beer mugs that you can place as decoration in your bar

Bassador (with knock function), can be placed on any wall!

Decorative body bag

decorative barrels that will add flair to your port and tavern.

Ropes in different variations to decorate your pier
Bollards in several variations

signs with prefabricated symbols that can be placed on the wall

Round table, pitchers and the like can be placed on it!

Wall signs in 8 styles with shield only, in 8 styles with shield and crossed swords, and in 8 styles with two pistols attached.

2 Weapon stands with "level indicator in the form of weapons".

3 variants of flags (pirate logo black, pirate logo pink & Radioactive Atlas logo) these can be snapped to the mast! Unfortunately, there are a few additional snapping points that are nonsensical, but you can not remove. The flags should/must be snapped into the crow's nest.

70 different variations of small decorative plants for your buildings (divided into 2 items- Part 1 & Part 2)

Baskets, food, boxes

Cannons, cannonballs, treasures from the pirate age

Via our glass manufacturing system, placeable decorative bottles can now also be produced

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Useful objects

Gold box, which reduces the weight by half.
It can be placed on ships/on land/on carts and can be picked up again. (Can be learned under Piracy - Plunder).
ATTENTION: do not supply your crew with gold!

Ladders that can only be hauled in and out by the Company. (learnable under Seamanship - Shipright)

Dry food for animals. There are 5 variants: Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Rotten Meat and Fish. All of them will need the skill "Secrets of Cooking" and can only be made in the stove. They are stackable to 100 and have an expiration time of one day. Additionally, they don't make any vitamin so you can't abuse them as provisions.

Medium gate, which is as wide as the large gate, but only half as high

Long Lasting buoy, which lasts 7 days without claim flag

Hammer for picking up structures similar to the Demo Gun from S+ (Ark) - Pickup Hammer.
Learnable in Esotery of Building at maximum.
After hitting the top center, indicates which structure was selected (hit) for demolish or pickup.
Please note: only undamaged structures can be picked up, only structures of your own company, you have to hit directly on the object to be picked up and win a minigame afterwards.
additional: Demolish Mode, with which structures are not lifted but demolished.
Right-click to switch between PickUp and Demolish mode. In Demolish mode, the hammer is red, then hit the structure as usual.

Large Preserving Bags or cabinets where you have more space to store consumer goods and where your meat/fish is not converted to salted meat/fish.

Mini Gate - a gate which has the dimensions 2×2.

Clipping Wood and Clipping Stone Foundation, Wall, Ceiling & Roof!
These have no collision detection and allow you to build a foundation even on steep cliffs. You can learn them via Esotery & Secrets of Building

Clipping Wood Structures (Ship Design)
- Contains 22 structure variants
- Can only be placed on land
- Appearance of ship structures on land
Learnable through Esotery of Building

Wood Net Structures (Ceiling, Triangular Ceiling, Wall, Half Wall, Sloping Roof) for ship and land: Same durability as normal wood structures.

2×2 slanted trapdoor, e.g. suitable to have a bigger hatch on ships!

Bed in 3 selectable styles + 2 hammock styles

Crate: 100 slots - 16000 life

Improved Grill: Improved grill, which has a water reservoir. This must be filled by hand (water bottles) or by rain (To do this, place in the grill and press "E"). Has a function to disable autocraften (frying meat and fish). Can also be connected to water pipes, grog can also be made in the Improved Grill.

Compost box (can be used to store fertilizer and manure) (Manufacturable in the Dekobench).

Leash post (hitching post) which simplifies the mating of animals.

Functioning mill with which you can grind flour.

Flour: can be made into bread, but also serves as a substitute for wheat (lasts longer, stacks higher, but gives less nutrition).

Ball pile, usable as ammo box

Placeable submarine hangar for your port

Functional fish traps - must be placed in deep water, generate raw fish over time, losing shelf life.

Magic Flask (can be made in the ritual circle)

Glass structures

Whole and half glass wall, and glass window. Manufacturable in the workbench

Glass plates for the glass structures: Manufacturable in the melting furnace from crystal, sand and a mold for glass plates.

Sand: Manufacturable in mortar from sandstone

Mold: Manufacturable from ingots and gems in the workbench

Several "optics" for your glass panes! It's cold where you are? Your glass structures will be covered with frost! It's raining at your place? Rainwater will run down your glass panes.

The small glass window door can be placed on ships! It has its own look that fits into the window frames of the ships. The weather effects are also represented here!


Tree Plot: A plant pot for trees

Trees need fertilizer and water to grow or be kept alive.

- Craft a SeedlingCreate a seedling, plant it and enjoy how a tree grows from this tender little plant. Chance will decide which seedling you get.

Trees: 15 different plantable tree species (growth takes 3x longer than normal crops):
- Alder
- Aleppo
- Bamboo
- Birch
- Cork Oak
- Cypress
- Desert Palm
- Doum Palm
- Evergreen
- Floral Tree
- Needle Palm
- Palm
- Rainbow Eucalyptus
- Red Maple
- Willow

rare trees:
- Italian Cypress
- Snow Pine
- Adanaonia (baobab tree)
- Fan Palm, Judas, Joshua

very rare trees:
- Cherry blossom tree
- 8 different coral species

For everything above you have to unlock the skill Advanced Soil Tilling! Production takes place in the inventory!
All seeds can also be purchased at Lilly buy in Freeport.

Giant treeswhich not only look beautiful, but you can also build on.
How? With tree platforms! You can make these in the workbench and "snag" them on adult giant trees!
Please note that only 4 trees are allowed per company!

For starters, we have 4 giant trees for you, including 2 for RadioCoins and 2 that you can make with 6 different types of wood.
You can find trees in the Giant Tree Plot produce and plant (learnable under Advanced Soil Tilling)!
Please note that you will need fertilizer and large amounts of water!

When the tree is fully grown, the bed is destroyed after a short time, from then on the tree does not need fertilizer, or water.