Animal Overhaul

To prevent grapeshot bugs in the future and to be able to balance correctly, we have decided to overwrite all existing tameable animals...


Radioactive variants have "R-" in their designation, e.g. R-Bear.


Radioactive variants can differ greatly from their vanilla variants. 


Radioactive variants are not everywhere Breedbar, only in the biomes where they also mainly occur.


Balanced version of the Yeti, which "loses" a lot of HP and a high amount of its Melee Damage value when tamed.

The Yeti is able to farm fibers and saps very efficiently and has the appropriate payload buffs to support this.


The crab has one sex and can be bred, it is only breedable in "Desert" and lays eggs.

Rearing them is very time-consuming.


The Leatherwing can be tamed, there are some special features for it, its stamina cannot be leveled!

He is tamed by killing your tames, meaning he must make the final strike on a tame, depending on the level & base XP of the tame, this varies in effectiveness.

Important: The animal may neither be mounted nor be on passive, so it is important that it comes as weak as possible in front of the Leatherwing in order not to kill it by mistake.

It is possible to use babies, but this is less effective than adult animals.


The bear's stats have been completely overhauled in favor of the other fighting animals.

It is particularly suitable as a starter tame


The Rhino can carry significantly more stones than the vanilla version

Cow / Bull

The cow can transport enormous weights with the help of a cargo saddle

Small animals

- Bonuses of the Int buff are no longer capped at level 130

- Fortitude buff bonus is no longer capped at level 130, has also been significantly increased (from 0.138/level to 0.55/level)

- Bonuses of the buff depend on the birth level
- Min Stamina for Speed Boost decreases with increasing level


The bat can be stunned during the day and then fed with insect meat.

Watch out! The bat wakes up automatically at night!

The bat on your shoulder gives you night vision!