Cross-card access

Animals can be given or picked up in the stable in every grid!

Stats & Info

You can see colors, stats and distributed points of animals that are in the stable.

Mating Cooldown & XP

The mating cooldown of uploaded animals runs exactly as if they were on the map. Also the animals get experience points!


Animals that are in the stable do not consume performance & do not require food nor do they contribute to the taming limit!

Web access

Through our Atlas UI you can easily view & manage your animals!

Saddles & Buffs

Equipped saddles & permanent buffs (e.g. Rare Sightings) remain in the stable!

Download Debuff

For balancing reasons, downloaded animals get a debuff of 4 hours in which they take quadruple damage.
If the animal travels over a grid boundary the buff automatically disappears


In the stable, each player can store up to 1000 animals and thus relieve the server! Access to the respective animals, has only the one who uploaded the animals.

Company Stable

The Stable also has the ability to store animals for the entire Company!


You can make the Stable in the Alchemical Workbench, you need some rare resources!

If you don't have a stable yet, you can access one of the stables in the freeport, at the admin island (C3) or at your neighbor's stable.