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interactive resource map

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Atlas UI (Server Status, Tribelogs & more!)

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We offer some special features, which you will not find anywhere else...

Navy vs Pirates

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Additional animals

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Nassau C3

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Magic & Alchemy

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The ritual circle

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SOTDs? No, Buccaneers!!!

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Rare Sightings

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Haunted Chests & Living Myth

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Decay regulations

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Animal Overhaul

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Item Quality

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Sails & Shipyards

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monthly farming event

Our farm event is tied to our fundraising goal throughout the month.
If we ever take in more than the target amount, it will count towards the next goal or we can even start the event a second time in the same month.

Support the server with purchases from our store or votes and get RadioactiveCoins & other stuff for it!

What can I buy with the coins?
Our Radioactive Guarantee: We will never create a pay-to-win mentality!
Donate now!Vote here!

More info about the voting system and the rewards can be found in our Discord!


Be sure to join us on Discord and become part of our community, then you will receive all the important news and updates.
You can also actively participate in surveys there.
Get in touch with other players via Discord or find new members for your company.

Need support?

We have a ticket system in our Discord!
If you have a problem and need the help of an admin, please visit our Discord!

Join Discord now

Get started now!

To play on Radioactive, just enter "Radioactive" in the server search!
The direct join via IP unfortunately only works conditionally!

A few special features...

Own mod

We are constantly working on our own extensions and additional content for the server. The RadioactiveAtlas mod gives you access to over 1000 decorative items, a custom ritual system for breaking, unique building structures and exclusive animals. Fight against navy or pirates on land and on the high seas. Use the reputation system to increase your chances of getting better loot. The Steamship will help you carry your rich booty home.


You can achieve certain ranks by doing certain activities (killing animals/players, getting killed, game time). Some are just nice to look at, some give you a rank before your name, and others even give you a small gift in your inventory.

you can execute the following new chat commands:
/achievements = shows your achievements
/mystats = shows your personal game statistics
/stats = shows the top 10 of all players

Daily tasks

Similar to achievements, there are activities that you can repeat every day.
For all these tasks there is a small reward!

Orders for the daily missions:


On our map you will find 36 PVE regions and 3 PVP regions (G1 G2 G3)
The PVP regions can be reached via the portal in C3 !

If you will be absent for more than 7 days, you should log out via a ticket in the Discord.
If you are not logged out, your structures may be removed after 14 days of inactivity.

Multipliers PVE

- XP x 3
- Harvest: x1
- Taming x 4
- Breeding x 5
- Treasure Maps Loot x1

Multipliers PVP

- XP x 3
- Harvest: x2
- Taming x 5
- Breeding x 5
- Treasure Maps Loot all Maps BOOSTED


Max player level: 100
Max Tier Level: standard
unlimited re-skilling
Fog of War is off (card is face up)

Claim points

Solo players have at least 40 claim points, enough for a normal sized island.
Maximum number of claim points: 200, reached from 10 players in the company.

PvP Only

The RAID time to be set in PvP is 4 hours, when this is, you can set yourself!
You can change the RAID time every 7 days and it will be displayed on the map!

Anti pve chicken:

If your ship takes damage in PvP it cannot leave PvP for 5 minutes, of course you can still go to other PvP grids.
You can always see the status on the ship's UI, there is another one besides the Navy & Pirate status (if you are in PvP).
If you get too close to the limit for PvE (250 foundations), a warning will appear for all players on the ship that you cannot leave PvP yet.
If you get even closer to the limit of PvE (50 foundations) it pushes you back a bit, similar to the active vortex from the Kraken.

stable & Armored Docks

The stable loses durability in PvP when downloading animals! Per downloaded animal 1000 HP, so it should be repaired after 19 animals, so that it is not destroyed.

Armored Docks have been rebalanced in their Better Armored Docks variant!
Learn more on our Vanilla Balances page!


Every player on our server must behave in such a way that we can maintain a fair, regulated and full server. This rule can override all other rules.

General rules

Harassment of fellow players is prohibited. This includes, among other things, insults, sexist, radical and national socialist statements.

Likewise, character, animal, island and ship names may not contain insults, sexist, radical as well as national socialist statements.

Chat language: German & English

Exploitation of gray areas: When exploiting gray areas that are not or only indirectly in the rulebook, the admin team reserves the right to judge separately.

Please pay attention to a jYouth-free and non-violent painting of your flags and sails. Also insults, sexist, radical as well as national-socialist paintings are forbidden!

It is forbidden to use items, ships or animals for Real money to buy or sell. This leads directly to the ban!

The placement of "jump points" on the islands is prohibited.
This refers in particular to combinations of a foundation and a bed!
Use our sleeping bags for short-term respawn beds, they clean themselves up!

Trolling" of other players is prohibited, the team reserves the right to take action in case of violation.

Prices for items, blueprints, animals and resources are not to be written in ingame chat. Use the Discord for that.

Please note that only 4 giant trees are allowed per company!

Note on chat & Discord logging

Messages written by you will be included in Discord and can be viewed by members with the appropriate rank there!
Please note that no sensitive data is stored here, only the character name.
By participating in the chat, you agree to this logging!

The server operators get further access to data like UE hardware ID & Steam64 ID, IP address through the in-game logs.
Please note that we keep this data confidential but it is intended by the game that it is accessible to us.
By joining our server you agree that this data will be automatically collected and logged by Atlas!

There are no assignments to sensitive data such as name, address or similar, nor do we have the possibility to establish such connections!

Giving away and selling animals & ships

It is not allowed Animals and ships at give away.

It is also forbidden to leave unclaimed animals and ships on the server for someone else to find and take over.
Animals and ships must be offered at a reasonable price. This is not, for example, just one wood

It is not permitted to sell or pass on breeding lines.

Rare Sightings

In order to keep the search for rares fun for all players & companies, only 6 rares per company may be tamed within 7 days.

Since it would of course not be possible to keep a record of this, we support you with our Atlas UI at this!
Here you can learn more about our Rare Sightings!

Also for the unicorn jadgt apply the rules regarding ships do not have to stand everywhere.
Ships / rafts that are obviously only used for this purpose will be removed without comment.

PVE zones

maximum claims per company:
A maximum of one island may be claimed. An additional 4 outposts are allowed.
An outpost must be defined as such be recognizable and adapted to the size of the island. Foundations with beds, cabinets, workbenches, etc. are not allowed, these will be removed by us without comment. We ask you to consider that in case of repetition we will issue a warning.

All types of Structures outside the base or outdoor base (whether in the claim or not, such as campfires, cabinets, foundations, traps) must be removed after use. Furthermore, no spawns may be built over or blocked. We have created a channel in Discord (#abzende-strukturen) where you can post such structures if you find something.

Please use your bases for parking ships, if it gets out of hand on certain islands we reserve the right to remove "permanent parkers".
This includes ships that are there for several days/weeks without their own base.

Animals that are being tamed by someone else may not be killed in the PVE zone.

You should also behave accordingly in the PVE area. That means: don't sink other people's ships, don't intentionally bog down players, don't loot corpses, etc. That's what the PVP zones are for!

Since you can not change it on the settings side, we ask you to make a proper distance from your neighbors to be observed. Should anyone feel disturbed by building too close, we reserve the right to intervene.

Animals are not allowed to be parked aggressively in the wilderness to farm certain resources! If we find any, they will be removed without comment. Excluded are animals that were whistled close to an anchor animal and serve for defense.

Please always try to talk to each other before reporting any rule violations.

PVP zones

In addition to the claim of a PvE island, each company is allowed to claim up to one island in PvP!

Building within ruins/NPC structures, so that the built structures do not take damage, is not allowed! At the 1st violation a hint will be given by us, at the 2nd violation we will remove all player structures in the corresponding grid, at the 3rd violation a ban will be given.

Pointless structure spam from foreign islands, which is clearly not useful for attacking or securing the FOB, is prohibited.

In the PVP Zones there are only a few rules!
Anyone who goes there must expect to be attacked and lose everything they have with them.

Admins in PvP

As in all grids, our admin logging runs through an external tool and is visible in the Discord.

Note regarding admin activities

It is essential to follow the instructions of the admins.

In case of rule violations, we reserve the right to act accordingly and add new rules if necessary. In addition, a warning or a ban may be issued.

Regulations on C3

Please note that long-term parking of animals outside the sales platforms is not allowed.

Please be sure to note the special features of the Decay in this grid.