Ritual & Summoning System

Ritual Circle

A circle created from myth, indispensable for performing rituals and incantations.

It uses up a little of its durability each time it is summoned and must be repaired in time or it will disappear.

Also, all animals can be sacrificed there, they all drop certain sacrificial items.
Learnable in Beastmastery.

Magic Flask

- Has a shelf life of 30 days after manufacture.
- Can cage (capture) animals that do not consume food, but also do not get EXP.
- Animals that have been caged do not count towards the taming limit!
- Magic Flask's that contain an animal can be thrown, breaking the bottle and releasing the animal.
- If a Magic Flask expires, the captured animal is lost.
- Released animals are affected by a debuff (Weakened) for 4 hours, quadrupling the damage received.
To unlock the Magic Flask, you need to complete the quest "Black Dragon Slayer".

Blood & Sacrifice

Sacrificial knife

Sacrificial knife to sacrifice NPCs or animals to obtain sacrificial items and blood. Can only be used within the circle.


To get blood, you must sacrifice an NPC in the circle with the sacrificial knife. The higher the level, the more blood you get.


You get this when you sacrifice an animal in the sacrifice circle with the sacrifice knife. The level has a big influence on the duration or the effect.


You can perform these rituals in the ritual circle! For each ritual, durability is subtracted from the ritual circle.
Likewise, blood & a sacrifice is necessary!

Temperatus Liberatio

Is a ritual that you can perform from the beginning to raise babies regardless of temperature. Depending on the size of the victim, the effect lasts shorter or longer.
You can see how much time you have left by looking at the magic marks in the circle. One circle stands for a full hour.

Mutationem Multum

Increases the mutation chance of the babies.
The prerequisite is that both parents stand in the circle after the ritual is completed (recognizable by the disappearance of the effect).

They receive a buff that lasts for 20 minutes, you can also recognize this by the name of the animal on the small icon! During the duration of the buff, the animals must mate and the egg must be laid or the female must become pregnant.

The amount of animals is limited to 12, only animals in the circle receive the buff.
The buff cannot be stacked.

Depending on the level of the victim, the ritual circle loses HP, at level 80 2500 HP, at level 40 1313 HP.