Ship throwing

Only 2 shipyards (Small & Large) are available on Radioactive.

The ship quality depends on the blueprint used for the ship. You can find these by looting faction ships, for example.
If you build a ship without a blueprint, it will always have 100%.

Ships cost gold depending on their quality
The maximum cost is limited to 200%, as the ship quality, accordingly 200% ships cost e.g.:
Trireme 16k Gold (100% Price 8k Gold)
Brigantine 8k Gold (100% Price 4k Gold)
Galleon 20k gold (100% price 10k gold)

Skins for vanilla ships (e.g. mahogany - in the picture) can also be made in the corresponding shipyard, these only have a different visual appearance, no better stats or similar.
To create a skin ship, click on the corresponding button in the center of the shipyard.


Speed sail:
New Stat SailOpenCloseSpeed: Determines the opening & closing speed of sails.
Wind radius increased from 84 degrees to 90 degrees!

In our donation store you can have Company Skins created for the respective sail types, which are then different than paintings in HD and can display significantly more colors! 

New type of sail: butterfly sail
Butterfly sails are "hybrids".
They offer the advantages of handling, speed & weight sails and are therefore an all-rounder, which is of course significantly weaker in the respective area than speed, weight or handling.
Can have stats/values in:
- SailEffectiveAngle
- SailMaxMovementWeight
- SailAcceleration
- SailTurningEffectiveness
- SailOpenCloseSpeed

New type of sail: Frontsail
On some ships another sail can be attached at the very front, depending on the ship this is purely decorative or also contributes to the speed!
Can have stats/values in:
- SailAcceleration
- SailOpenCloseSpeed

Maintenance Dock

Upgrading ships...

...(higher ship quality) is possible at any time in the Maintenance Dock, which also has the function of repairing all parts of your ship.

Hang your ship in the dock, place a blueprint in your inventory and get the necessary crafting materials.
Then select the blueprint and click on "Craft" (E).