You can find these NPC bases randomly on all islands!

They are aggressive towards you.

If you manage to break through their defenses and kill all the NPCs, you can loot them at the flag

They are the only source for blueprints of structures.


These occur in the polar and occasionally in the tundra, but can of course find their way to adjacent, warmer regions.

Icebergs are moving objects that slowly drift through the grids, they can be caught with a floating character

When in contact with ships, they cause damage (similar to ramming sandbars).
The damage depends on the speed.

Icebergs can not be blocked, they push away even a Galli

In addition to the ice, which can be mined from the iceberg with metal pickaxes, rare resources can also be found on them!

Burning steamship

Surrounded by an oil slick, this wreck promises you interesting prey, but you should refrain from parking your ship in the fire, which is actually logical!

Drifting wrecks

Many a wreck doesn't sink after a fight!
Unfortunately, the loot is lost, but you can still find the remains of the crew on board! Perhaps you could use them?

Dismantling could also be worthwhile!
However, you will need a good axe


On Radioactive, you'll encounter weather effects that you won't find anywhere else


Not just rain but hail?!

Let's hope it doesn't get too cold for the babies!


This weather sometimes occurs in the desert!

It's best to get a sandstorm mask! But in a pinch, a tent or building will also provide you with sufficient protection


This weather sometimes occurs in the tundra & the Arctic!

Dress warmly, or even better, get a Blizzard mask!
But in a pinch, a tent or building will also provide you with sufficient protection

Blood moon

The blood moon makes animals more aggressive!

If you activate the blood moon buff, you will receive additional resources when farming, but will be attacked by all wild animals!


It's best to stay indoors in weather like this! Especially when lightning strikes all around you!

You should avoid metal armor at all costs!