Item Quality

You can find blueprints in the following levels



To craft Unique Blueprints you will need:
- 7 types of each resource, e.g. 7 types of wood
- Myth
- Gold
- Luminous Substance

Luminous Substance

This rare resource can be harvested from corpses of the Glowing Whale, which is located in the depths of the Trenches!

Luminous Substance is required for crafting Unique Items!

You could also earn this resource through other difficult game content (e.g. boss fights, unique challenges).

Repair of unique items

Additional resources (Gold, Luminous Substance) are not required for the repair if you carry it out via the workbench.

Upgrading blueprints

You need a grinder to upgrade blueprints.
You can find out more about the grinder below

Where can I find blueprints

You can obtain blueprints through various activities such as looting wrecks, haunted chests, etc.

The grinder

Disassemble blueprints

Blueprints can be broken down into Blueprint Scraps in the Grinder.
The quantity depends on the quality of your BP:

  • Fine - 2
  • Journeyman - 4
  • Masterwork - 8
  • Legendary - 16
  • Mythical - 32
  • Unique - 64
Upgrade blueprints

You can improve a selected BP by one quality level using Blueprint Scraps, all values are re-rolled in the higher quality.

  • Fine -> Journeyman - 120 Scraps + 500 Gold
  • Journeyman -> Masterwork - 240 Scraps + 1k Gold
  • Masterwork -> Legendary - 480 Scraps + 4k Gold
  • Legendary -> Mythical - 960 Scraps + 5k Gold
  • Mythical -> Unique - 5760 Scraps + 30k Gold