The steamship is a masterpiece of engineering!
With its steam engine, it travels independently of the wind and its design allows it to carry very large loads.

The base weight of the steamboat is 300K!!!

Crew & space are limited, however, making it advisable to have escorts for dangerous zones!

The steamship can be powered by coal or alchemical coal. The latter increases the speed by 50%!
Alchemical coal is part of the Alchemy system and can be produced in the Alchemical Workbench.


Probably the fastest ship in Atlas!
The junk impresses with its enormous speed.

Size-wise, the junk is between the brigantine & the schooner.

Another unique feature is that the junk has two gunports, which are oriented to the rear. In these cannons but also torpedo launchers find space without any problems!

In addition, the junk can use the powerful Firework Cannons, which can set other ships on fire with ease.

The junk can be built in the Advanced Shipyard.


The Trireme is a pure combat ship!
She achieves good speed with her combination of sailing and rowing and remains maneuverable!
In addition, the rudders keep her relatively mobile even in calm conditions!

Below deck, the Trireme cannot load guns, but there are gunport walls which can only be installed on the Trireme.

But besides a setup for gunports, this ship offers other possibilities.
It has a bolt that is triggered when you are close to an enemy ship. If it hits, it causes tremendous damage, so that planks break!
In addition, the upper deck at the bow provides space for a massive flamethrower, which will smother your enemies in fire!


Small, lightning fast and agile, that is the motto of the dhow!
Size-wise, it is on par with the Sloop, but brings significantly more speed!

By the way, it offers snapping points for 6 swivel & 4 cannons.
This ship consists of one deck and 11 planks.
It offers space for two medium sails.

Armored Brigantine

This brigantine is much more resistant than the normal brig due to additional reinforcements made of metal

Of course, this makes their base weight (weight of the planks) much higher, which makes them slower!

Crew: 16
Base weight: 15.000
Masts: 3 Large

In addition, we offer the Armored Brig of course also as a mahogany variant!

Red Lowe

This brigantine class ship is characterized mainly by its high and narrow design.

It has 9 gunports per side.
Also, this ship has two aft-facing gunports.

It consists of 4 decks and has an additional deck in the front.
It is built from 52 planks, 20 of which can be gunports.

Crew: 24
Base weight: 17.000
Masts: 3 Large
Compatible with the Firework Cannons


The Hornet is a war galleon which offers a lot of space for superstructures due to its flat, wide decks!

- Consisting of 56 planks and only 2 decks.
- 3 Master (medium sail only)


This ship is about the size of a schooner.
It has 26 planks and 3 decks.
Additionally, there is a modular rail that can be placed as a 4th deck.
This ship is built in the better Small Shipyard and can only use 1 Medium and 1 Small sail.
It uses Small Decks & Planks.


Despite its cumbersome design, this transporter can dish it out and take it too!
It consists of 62 planks and 14 decks, 5 of which are optional (railings or similar) and 2 are gunport decks.
Gunport decks all carry respective cannons and lie on the outside of the ship's hull (like a plank). While the shine with excellent life (those of a deck), snapped cannons also break when destroyed!
The Carrack can "store" up to 5 animals by default, these are stored in the ship and can be retrieved when needed. The size of the warehouse you can expand by skillen up to 20!
Should your ship sink, all animals will be unloaded automatically!
Discharged animals do not get a debuff like in Stable or Magic Flask!


This sloop-sized boat is obviously not a strong fighter or a transporter.
Instead, this vessel is able to pull a large trawl net behind it and fish that way!
Fish that get tangled in the net are automatically harvested.

Fishing Attachment:
This "Fish Bait" powered device allows you to fish with the Buss!
Note that your ship will slow down significantly with the net deployed (-25% Speed)
It can have up to 3 stats:
Fish Amount Multiplier - increases the amount of fish you get per fish
Prime Fish Amount Multiplier - increases the amount of prime fish you get per fish
Rare Fish Item Multiplier - increases the chance to get rare items from bigger fish (dolphins / sharks) (Coming in future patch)
The harvested amount depends on the stats and the particular fish!


This ship, which consists of 70 planks, of which 20 can be gunports trumps by a bulky width, which comes close to the Galleon.
It is a middle ground between a galleon and a brigantine.
They offer space for 4 decks and is a 4 master which is best equipped with Large Sails.
It also offers space for a front sail.

The one or the other surely asks himself: "10 Gunports per side are not exactly a lot" and you are absolutely right, but beside a beautiful glass optics this ship trumps with offering up to 2 places for the multiple shot cannon "Ribadulequin"!

So the frigate is an extremely strong broadside fighter when equipped with these guns.


This ship actually comes from the vanilla game Atlas.

In order to give value to certain items, e.g. small planks, the Schooner is built from "small" components, e.g. planks, decks, etc. The Schooner is built from "small" components.

It offers space for 1x front sail 1x large sail and 1x small sail. We propose to use the ship for discovering and transporting smaller quantities of materials.

Mahogany ships

The ships are skin versions of Schooner, Brigantine & Galleon.
They offer a more beautiful visual variant compared to the standard ships.
They can be built in the Advanced Shipyard.