Fight, Win & Survive! 

The Ultimate The Isle Challenge!
Few rules!
Lots of dino variation!
Stable server!
Few bells and whistles!

Connect now!

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Dinos via botsystem

Our BotSystem is still in work! Please use the ticket function until then!

Once a week (every 7 days) you can request a special dino from our bot!

The following dinos are available:
- Therizinosaurus
- Shantungosaurus
- Ankylosaurus
- Baryonix
- Spinosaurus
- Acrocanthosaurus
- Austroraptor
- Herrerasaurus
- Velociraptor

This is how you request a dino:
1. connect your SteamID to your Discord account.
For this you have to write a PN to our bot with the text !link STEAMID
You only have to perform this process 1x!

2. request a dino. Write !request DINONAME via PN to our bot and follow his instructions! 

Your previous dino will be overwritten!
You must be logged out!


We ask you to read & observe the following rules!

The one rule

Mixpacking of herbivore and carnivore is strictly prohibited!
Any form of team play between Herbies and Carnies is forbidden!
Whether you kill or ignore your opponent is at your own discretion.
Mixpacking within Carni or Herbi groups is allowed.

General guidelines

Video evidence:
You have the possibility to record your gameplay within the game. If you make use of this, you will have the possibility to prove your guilt/innocence in case of problems. Screenshots do not represent the situation objectively and are not considered as evidence for us.

It is forbidden to hunt down and kill streamers whose position you know through the stream. In case of doubt, we will compare your video recordings with those of the streamer and decide on the basis of the underlying facts.

Use your common sense. It's a PvP game and you will lose dinos.
If that happens then live with it and die quietly, there is no need to flame or insult in Global Chat. Even if you have lost a fight. If you want to complain to an admin because of a fight situation, first finish the fight and THEN open a ticket. Describe your concern there and upload the corresponding evidence video. We do not refund dinos that you lost because you simply stopped fighting to call an admin.

Multi Accounting:
Each player is allowed to have multiple accounts on our server.
However, it is forbidden to return with a second account after a lost battle and kill the attacker against whom you lost. In case of a rule violation, we reserve the right to remove the dino in question from the game. In case of repeated rule violations, we will also consider an extended game break or even a permanent ban.

Nest Invitations/Group Invitations:
It is forbidden to send players a nest or group invitation "on the off chance". Ask the player beforehand if he wants to be invited to your group/nest.

Player positions:
Posting player positions (your own or other players') in Global Chat is prohibited at all times without exception!
In case of violation we reserve the right to kick the player and ban him in case of repetition.

Dino Calls:

Dino Calls (keys 1-4 and key F) are used for communication:
1 Call: Orientation call to show other pack/herd members one's position, can also be used for "general communication", just like the F Call.
2s Call: Expresses peaceful intentions.
3 Call: Announces an aggression. Can be used to announce a fight, claim killed loot, warn players not to get too close, etc.
4 Call: Call for help or a call to surrender in a fight.
All calls are non-binding. Whether you trust the calls of other players is up to you, if you trust a 2 or 4 call and then still get attacked then that is your problem.

Call spamming:

We ask you to refrain from permanently spamming calls.

Log in/Log out:
Always find a safe place to log out and log back in.
If you are killed while logging out or logging in, you have not chosen a good place. Dinos killed in such situations will not be refunded.

Admin activities

Admins will not slay you at their own request, there are plenty of ways to kill yourself and be it letting the dino starve or die of thirst.

Admins will not teleport you to another location at their own request.
Exception: You are stuck in the map with your dino and can't free yourself, then an admin will teleport you to a free spot of his choice in the immediate vicinity. If you have maneuvered your dino to a cliff and you have no other choice but to fall down and die, then no admin will help you because the situation is your own fault.
An admin calls out a safezone and asks who wants to be teleported there.

Day/night and weather:
An admin will never change the weather or the day and night time. This destroys the gameplay and disadvantages dinos who are more dependent on day or night. The only exception are certain events, which will be announced in advance in Discord.

An admin is authorized to declare a safe zone for certain situations. This can be events of any kind. An event safezone will be announced in Discord and ingame, additionally a picture will be posted in Discord for which area the zone is valid. Safezones are limited in time, who dies before or after in this area is responsible for his own death. Safezones called by an admin are binding for every player, who attacks another player in this area loses his dino and runs the risk of being banned from the server. Start and end of the safezones will be announced. Under certain circumstances an admin will offer to teleport you to the safezone in question, but please note that you are responsible for your own "way home" - no admin will help you with that.

Admin Availability:
Admins are first and foremost players like anyone else. They actively play the game and occasionally find themselves in situations that prevent them from being immediately available when you need help. Even if an admin is shown as online (be it in Discord or ingame) it does not mean that he can be available immediately. Please open a ticket in Discord if you have problems, the first admin who has time will take care of your problem.