Omega bosses

Omega bosses

Omega bosses are an essential part of mutation research as they drop anti-element after you defeat them. With this you can create various devices for research, achieve mutations in animals with the mutator to 100% and increase the mutation chance of hybrids to up to 25%. The bosses themselves are boosted vanilla bosses that can currently be fought on The Island and Ragnarok maps. On Island, these include the Broodmother, the Megapithecus, and the Dragon. On Ragnarok you can fight the Omega Manticore, or rather the two Omega Manticores. These bosses all drop anti-element and some even unlock special engrams that you can use to create more hybrids. To make things not too easy, some animals that are commonly seen in boss fights, such as Theris and Rexes, are locked and will not be ported to the bosses. Also, non-hybrids only do 50% damage. The reward is automatically added to each player's inventory.

Genetic Research BossTerminal

This terminal, which is made in the High Tech Fabricator, transports your animals and you to the boss arenas. How many depends on the boss.


Anti-element is used to increase the mutation chance of hybrids. This is a very expensive process and therefore requires a lot of this precious resource. So, the more players that join together in a tribe and fight omega bosses together, the faster you will have your first mutated hybrid.

Boss Scaling

To make the whole thing even more exciting, the bosses become more and more difficult with the victory streak system the more often you defeat them. Victory streaks count for each boss individually. The winning streak of all participants is averaged to determine the difficulty of the boss. The boss has a +0, +1, etc... after the name accordingly.

-Per Victory Streak point, incoming damage is reduced by 1%, for non-hybrids this is added to the 50% damage reduction. Ergo, if +1 is behind the name, non-hybrids only do 49% damage and hybrids do 99%.

-Every 2 victory strand points, the received loot increases by 1 anti-element. If the Omega Brood Mother is +2, every player who has not died after defeating the boss will receive 7 anti-elements.

-During the boss fight, if you die at the hands of the boss, your win streak will be set to 0.

-To make sure you don't get confused with your victory streaks, you have an extra implant in your inventory on which the number of wins for each Omega Boss is displayed.

Omega Bosses - The Island

Omega brood mother

Required level: 110
Tributes needed: 1x Alpha Broodmother trophy
Life: 354,000
Allowed survivors & animals: 12
Anti element (at +0): 6
Special feature:
-Heals for each Minion killed

-no Kurashi, Kitsune allowed

Omega Megapithecus

Required level: 110
Tributes needed: 1x Alpha Megapithecus trophy
Life: 396,000
Allowed survivors & animals: 12
Anti element (at +0): 8
Special feature:
-Has a % chance to reflect incoming weapon damage back to the player

Omega dragon

Required level: 110
Required Tribute: 1x Alpha Dragon Trophy
Life: 432,000
Allowed survivors & animals: 12
Anti element (at +0): 12
Special feature:
-Has a Stamina Drain Aura
-Unlocks Fukutsu DNA

Omega Bosses - Ragnarok

Dual Manticore

Required level: 110
Required Tribute: 2x Alpha Dragon Trophy
Life: 160,000 each
Allowed survivors & animals: 15
Anti element (at +0): 10
Special features:
-Both Manticore are at the alpha level of SE
-It is a couple. Beware of the Mating Bonus!
-Always pay attention to the torpor display of your own animals
-No Rexes, Theris, Managarmr, Kitsune, Kurashi and Avesfeles allowed.

-Each killed Manticore increases the difficulty by 1, so per won bossfight the Dual Manticore becomes more difficult by 2% and gives 1 more anti-element per Manticore
-Unlocks the Stegarion DNA