Mega Patch July - English

Below are the (hopefully) complete patch notes, there were so many changes that I hope we don't forget to list anything!

The new building system (Radioactive Plus)

These structures are new and simplify our building system extremely.
They replace the respective known structures like Vanilla, Clipping, Variants, and any others like Ship Design, Net Structures, etc....
Similar to Vanilla, there is only one type of each structure (e.g. Square Ceiling) but then the different styles can be selected via the radial menu.
To be able to switch many structures there is a tool with which a style can be copied and transferred to others (Gun).
Most of the structures have much better performance because of their low poly count (you are meant stone buildings).
For structures like straw, there are now also variants to choose from!

Important changes:

  • Wood structures are made in the WoodWorkingStation
  • Stone structures are made in the StoneWorkingStation
  • Ship structures are made in the ShipWorkingStation

New wall parts:

  • Arch
  • Gible Wall
  • Battlements
  • Half Vertical Wall

New Roof Parts

  • Gable
  • Gable End
  • Half Roof
  • Half Ramp

Ally System:

  • All R+ structures that are used on ships now have the Ally System.
  • Adjustable Ally Access for gates and doors

New Styles:

  • Thatch has new "Bamboo" styles
  • New R+ structures have the respective styles to choose from
  • Settler styles for some wooden structures

Structures added to R+:

  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Roof
  • Pillar
  • Fence Support
  • Staircase
  • Gates
  • Gateways
  • Cliff/Tree Platform
  • Wood docks
  • Stone Docks
  • Maintenance Dock
  • Small/Large Shipyard
  • Fountain
  • Diving Station
  • Cargo Rack
  • Ship Hangar
  • Food Larder
  • Ship Resource Box
  • Ammo Box
  • Storage Chest
  • Preserving Bag
  • Preserving Box

Structures removed from the game:

  • Large Wall
  • Large Foundation

Resource Processing

  • Wood can now be processed into Lumber in the Woodworking station
  • Stone can now be processed into Stoneblocks in the Stoneworking station
  • Leather can now be processed into tanned leather in the tannery
  • Thatch can now be processed in the Loom to Ropes
  • Fibers can now be processed in the Loom to Cloth
  • Metal can now be processed in the Smithy to Nails
    Processing is 5:1 and very fast -> 0.1 sec crafting time

Emergency Working Station:
For ships, there is an Emergency Working Station in which you can re-craft all resources into the base variant.
Can only be placed on the ship, and costs to convert increased by 50%.

NPC Ships

  • Flame Ballista shoots only from > 200 meters distance to the opponent
  • The interaction box of the Hooking Ballista optimized
  • demolished structures give the new materials

Capital System and Breeding

  • animals can only mutate with the ritual circle
  • animals for rituals need wild stat
  • animals and NPC can be sacrificed without a ritual circle
  • Blood is storable
  • Blood amount depends on the Wild Stat of the NPC
  • The mutation ritual now works for all animals, including radioactive animals
  • The mutation ritual has been changed a lot, the chance is now about 20% (at 80 birth level)
  • The warming ritual now runs for 6 minutes per birth level
  • Ferrox ritual removed

The quality of the shipyards no longer affects the ship level, which will be determined by blueprints in the future.
Many loot sources have the chance to reward you with a blueprint for a ship.
This is the only way to get the corresponding quality of up to 200%!
There is no crafter bonus on ship blueprints!

Changed Stats:
-Resistance Cap at 220%
-Damage Cap at 240
-Sturdiness bonus added HP on components is increased
Important to know:

  • Ships that belong to the Galleon class do not benefit from this!
  • Has only an influence on structures that are set after leveling Sturdiness!

BPs and loot level

  • Treasure maps revised, give only finished parts but better loot again
  • Loot level of all sources brought to a common level
  • Blueprints drop from ships, chests, and other sources (50% chance)

Skills and items

  • Removed superfluous skills from the skill tree
  • Removed blocked items from Smithy
  • Removed blocked items from loot sources

Nassau, the center of the world?!

Welcome to Nassau, here begins your journey, a large, bustling, and impressive city awaits you.
What makes it so special? Only here pirates & navy act peacefully with each other, probably out of fear of the consequences, should a dispute be sparked!
Besides many houses, in Nassau, you will find the districts of Navy & Pirates, as well as the marketplace with animal selling platforms & stores!
Unlike before, there are no player stores anymore, if you want to sell goods, you have to do it in Nassau or another city!
The heart of Nassau is probably the tavern, besides a rentable bed and a storage chest you can eat here and get a lot of tips & tricks from the visitors.
many tips & tricks from the visitors, so it's worth talking to NPCs!

Nassau will be extended with time by features & functions!
While other cities will be available over time, Nassau will always remain the "center".

Fishing minigame in Nassau

Many of you are probably familiar with the Fishing Minigame.
Here, too, we are not stopping at changes.
In the future, you will be able to get Loot Boxes for a lot of Fishing Coins.
These are the same boxes that you get from the Colosseum.
So now there is a second way to get saddles with stats.
In addition, we have added the fishing parts to the fishing store, you can now buy them for fishing coins if needed.


You can get into PvP through a portal in C3, the cost for this is 250 gold.

  • Through the portal in C3, you get to G2 in the ship PvP
  • From there you get to the land PvP either north to G1 or south to G3
  • To C3 (PvE to) you get in the east and west of G2
  • The 24h debuff timer for attacking is removed
  • The 5 minute VS timer remains and prevents grid travel (also in PvP)

Powerstone bosses

GS bosses added:

  • Fire Elemental
  • Stone Elemental
  • Cyclops
  • Crab
    Respawn time reduced to 1200-3600 seconds


Alchemy ingots can no longer be crafted like this.
They now require blueprints.
You can get these from the faction quests or through Haunted Chest.

New Tame the Bat
A new "little" companion that can help you in this new world.

  • Knockout Tame
  • Can only be tamed during the day
  • Improves your vision at night and in low light conditions
  • Attention: Can be attacked on your "shoulder
  • Taming Food: Find out!

Faction Camps

  • Navy and Pirate camps now spawn randomly

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