Patch 10/13/2023


  • New Easter Egg on the ocean
  • New plant: banana plant
  • New fruit: Banana
  • Fixed another error with the minimum prices
  • Quests: Can now always be handed in after 10 minutes of presence in C3
  • Blueprint Scraps can now be stored in the resource box


  • Blueprint Scraps can now be sent to Nassau with the mailbox
  • Triangular beds added
  • The mining speed of the floating shipwreck now depends on the quality of the tool.

Ship Hangar Rework:

  • Submarines are now "equipped" in the Ship Hangar
  • Submarines can be removed from the hangar and stored in other inventories
  • There can be more than one submarine in the hangar, but only one active one (the equipped one) at a time.
  • Land hangar removed (this is combined with the "normal" hangar)
  • The dinghy is not available until a rework of it
  • By the rework all potential reasons for crashes were hopefully addressed, we don't use GS code anymore


  • Fixed an error when upgrading the Fishing Attachment
  • Fixed a bug with weight modules that caused them not to work properly
  • Fixed a bug in the quest system
  • Fixed a bug that caused the fog box to persist after interaction (activation).
  • Fixed a bug in camps where they were easier to complete than planned due to a trick
  • Placement of the glued wood wall fixed
  • Client crash fixed when trying to place a Mobile Land Cannon in the direction of a camp
  • Hellfire Bats can no longer become elite

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