Off to new shores!

With the upcoming Mega Patch it is unfortunately so far! Even Radioactive will not get around a wipe!
Before we get into the details, here are a few points why a wipe is absolutely necessary:

  • Many well-known mechanics (ship building, construction system, freeports, quality system) have been completely reworked
  • Own rates are adjusted
  • Rebalancing of many QOL aspects like the rituals!

    Please note that the following is not a complete list, but just an overview on July!

Nassau, the center of the world?!
Welcome to Nassau, this is where your journey begins, a large, bustling and impressive city awaits you.
The special? Only here pirates & Navy act peacefully with each other, probably for fear of the consequences should a dispute be sparked!
Besides many houses, in Nassau you will find the districts of Navy & Pirates, as well as the marketplace with animal sales platforms & stores!
Unlike before, there are no more playershops, if you want to sell goods, you have to do it in Nassau or another city!
The heart of Nassau is probably the tavern, next to a rentable bed and a storage chest you can feed yourself here and
learn many tips & tricks from visitors so it's worth approaching NPCs!

Nassau will be expanded with features & functions over time!
While other cities will become available over time, Nassau will always remain the "center".

The new construction system (Radioactive Plus)
These structures are new and extremely simplify our building system.
They replace the respective known structures like Vanilla, Clipping, Variants and any others like Ship Design, Net Structures etc... .
Similar to Vanilla, there is only one type of each structure (e.g. square ceiling) but then the different styles can be selected via the radial menu.
To be able to switch many structures there is a tool with which a style can be copied and transferred to others (Gun).
Most structures have much better performance due to their low poly count (you are meant stone buildings).
For structures such as straw are now also variants to choose from!

Important changes:

  • Wood structures you make in the WoodWorkingStation
  • Stone structures you make in the StoneWorkingStation
  • Many new parts like gable/arch/pinnacle

Ally System:
Here, too, we haven't let ourselves down and given you new features.
Not only have all structures such as Ship Res Boxes, Food Loaders and so on been provided with the Ally Repair System, of course the new R+ structures have also been given these features!
But there is more:
Ally Access for Gates & Gates: Again, if desired, you can grant Allies access even if they are locked.

The quality of the shipyards no longer has any influence on the ship level, which will be determined by blueprints in the future.
How do you get better ones? Very simple! Loot & be lucky!
Many loot sources have the chance to reward you with a blueprint for a ship.
This is the only way to get the corresponding quality of up to 200%!
But there is more, besides the well known Tierstorage which we introduced at the beginning of June, we have reworked the stat Sturdyness.
In addition to the known effects, this now affects the lives of the parts you build on your ship (e.g. ceilings, walls).
Important to know: Ships that belong to the Galleon class do not gain any advantage from this!

BPs and Loot Level
In general, you can expect a much more balanced environment in the new world of Radioactive.
Cannons & Ballistas which had to drop so high simply for the sake of fairness due to numerous GS changes are now found with significantly less damage!
Blueprints are still available in this new world, of course, but expect to receive significantly more finished parts from all loot sources!
Treasure maps have also been reworked, while their loot will be much more attractive in this new environment, you will only receive finished parts from treasure maps!

Something has happened here too!
While we plan to bring you many more rituals in the future, we'd like to lay the foundation for a better system first.
Henceforth, only birth levels will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the ritual.
Furthermore, a ritual circle is no longer necessary for the sacrifice, blood can now be stored like the organs.
Gone are also the times when another animal was accidentally affected or the ritual circle took more damage than necessary due to a too high level of the animal.

Important changes to rituals:

  • The mutation ritual now works for all animals, including the Radioactive animals
  • The mutation ritual has been changed a lot, the chance is now about 20% (at 80 birth level)
  • The warming ritual now runs for 6 minutes per birth level
  • Ferrox Ritual removed

Resource processing
- Wood can now be processed into Lumber
- Stone can now be processed into stone blocks
- Leather can now be processed into tanned leather
- Thatch can now be made into Ropes
- Fibers can now be processed into Cloth
- Metal can now be made into nails
But what do you do with it?
Very simple! You need these resources for your ship parts / structures and so on.
Don't worry, the corresponding crafting get very fast and the resources weigh only 4/5 of their starting materials.
Why all this?
Now this has several reasons.

  1. we want to avoid that the new resources like "Cursed" destroy the balance
  2. The lower resource costs in crafting ensure that Blueprints scale better!
  3. Allows the slightly lighter weight better repmat equipment at sea
    Last but not least, resources farmed in this way can only be processed and then used with equipment on a ship or base.

Fishing minigame in C3
Many of you are probably familiar with the Fishing Minigame.
Here, too, we do not stop at change.
In the future, you will be able to get Loot Boxes for a lot of Fishing Coins.
These are the same ones that you will receive from the Colosseum.
So now there is a second way to get saddles with stats.
In addition, we have added the parts for fishing to the fishing store, you can now buy them for fishing coins if needed.

We have decided to revise how the breeding works and is handled.
In the future, no mutations occur in nature, that is, for all mutations a ritual is necessary!
In the future, all animals can mutate, even the animals from the Radioactive Mod.
Furthermore, the imprint food and biomass restrictions will remain in place.

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  1. Eid says:

    Hi, would be wonderful if beds could also be opened for Ally members. (or special bed with more cost or so)

    • Revy says:

      Is planned by GS and modtechnically not implementable.
      Please suggestions in the DC, will be ignored in comments in the future! ­čśë

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